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Wolfgang Buttress Completes UK’s Pavilion for Milan Expo 2015


Hufton + Crow unveiled the first photographs of the recently completed Wolfgang Buttress’ UK pavilion for the Milan Expo 2015. The design is inspired by the unique role that the hives have in our ecosystem, and represents the spirit of the United Kingdom’s participation in Milan Expo 2015. The design around the world is inspired by English artistic feeling, and the winner of the pavilion architectural competition, Wolfgang Buttress, has translated in architectural terms, the strength of British design.

The pavilion has been conceived as a project that combines the highest level of design with strong environmental credentials that are found in the most cutting edge science, agro-technologies and engineering. The British pavilion is designed to make its mark on the experience of all visitors to Milan Expo 2015, in which nature, creativity, science and technology combine to meet the challenge underlying the theme “Feeding the Planet”.

 2-wolfgang-buttress-completes-uks-pavilion-for-milan-expo-2015 3-wolfgang-buttress-completes-uks-pavilion-for-milan-expo-2015 4-wolfgang-buttress-completes-uks-pavilion-for-milan-expo-2015 5-wolfgang-buttress-completes-uks-pavilion-for-milan-expo-2015 6-wolfgang-buttress-completes-uks-pavilion-for-milan-expo-2015

all images © HUFTON + CROW