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Yard Built XJR1300 Big Bad Wolf by El Solitario


Yamaha has teamed up with Spanish motorcycle customhouse El Solitario to realize a race inspired track monster, the Yamaha XJR1300 Big Bad Wolf. El Solitario’s Big Bad Wolf wraps up a year of incredible XJR builds celebrating the bike’s anniversary, a year that includes creations from Danish builders the Wrenchmonkees with the ‘Skullmonkee’, Portuguese builders itroCkS!bikes with the ‘CS-06 Dissident’ and Dutch builder Numbnut Motorcycles retro endurance racer inspired ‘Botafogo N’.

Despite the complete transformation from street machine to pure race predator, El Solitario stayed true to the Yard Build ethos and created the Big Bad Wolf with no cutting or welding to the frame of the standard bike. The build highlights just how far you can go with a little imagination and an XJR1300.


Key to the success of the project was the collaboration with Mauro Abbadini, from Classic Co. as technical director of the build, he brought with him the confidence and know how of a veteran racer and winner of many battles. Last but not least an army of racing industry experts, all keen to collaborate with El Solitario.


The end result, the Big Bad Wolf AKA: BBW, has almost everything custom made with the exception of the frame, the tank, the handlebars and the rear light, reducing the wet weight to just 183kg.

Check out the short film released by Yamaha on the El Solitario x Yamaha Custom XJR1300 ‘Big Bad Wolf’ below.


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all images and video courtesy of Yamaha