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Yard Built XSR700 Otokomae by Ad Hoc Café Racers


Yamaha‘s Yard Built Platform returns to Spain for a special build just in time for summer with Ad Hoc Café Racers. The partnership has delivered a rough and tough take on the XSR700, truly a street tracker for any challenge.

Ad Hoc’s David Gonzalez is no stranger to customising Yamaha motorbikes. The Barcelona based custom builder has already received international recognition for his work with the XJ650 and XJ750, stripping and re-working the classic machines before finishing with just the right amount of powder-coated, one-off pieces to make a mark. For the Yard Built XSR700 ‘Otokomae’, David has created a street tracker with style, a tough, mean custom with bold colours that really stands out from the crowd.


To get the Ad Hoc look, David started at the front, adding a number of genuine Yamaha parts from other models. These included an MT-09 stem and handlebar set, front forks, disc brakes, brake master cylinder and clutch from the YZF-R6 and front light and bracket from the MT-01.

Borrani rims and Michelin rubber keep everything the right way up and the original fuel tank remains, cleverly hidden by a custom shell built in four modular parts. The radiator was painted black to blend with the engine block and the air filter box has been removed and replaced with power filters to open up central space.


The standard XSR700 exhaust is removed in favour of a rather more aggressive sounding full SC Project system and a rear subframe is custom made to bolt on, allowing access to tools and battery. Ride height gets a lift by 15mm with a Gears Racing shock and a custom seat is added with high quality cowhide. At the front clever fork sleeves incorporate the front turn signal and the bike is finished with old school blue and yellow Yamaha Racing colours, given a modern, light-hearted twist to stand out.

 yard-built-xsr700-otokomae-by-ad-hoc-cafe-racers-4 yard-built-xsr700-otokomae-by-ad-hoc-cafe-racers-5 yard-built-xsr700-otokomae-by-ad-hoc-cafe-racers-6 yard-built-xsr700-otokomae-by-ad-hoc-cafe-racers-7 yard-built-xsr700-otokomae-by-ad-hoc-cafe-racers-8 yard-built-xsr700-otokomae-by-ad-hoc-cafe-racers-9 yard-built-xsr700-otokomae-by-ad-hoc-cafe-racers-10

all images courtesy of Yamaha