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Your 2021 Style Guide for Men’s Jewelry

Your 2021 Style Guide for Men's Jewelry

Today’s modern, stylish man has a few jewelry fixtures in his wardrobe. Thanks to celebrities and influencers, it’s become more popular for men to wear necklaces and rings. Choosing jewelry for men can be challenging, given the stigma behind it. Men’s accessory styles have evolved from wearing a watch and wedding ring to donning bold statement and classic pieces with a masculine flair. Before you head to the jewelery store, check out some of these trending tips for 2021.

Watches and Bracelets

Men can never go wrong with a great timepiece. This functional piece comes in many styles and price points, and when worn well, helps transform any look. It’s a good idea to have a couple of watch styles in your arsenal, such as an everyday watch, a smartwatch, and a dressy watch for special occasions. You can never go wrong with a silver, black, gunmetal, or gold watchband.

When it comes to bracelets, the key is choosing a style that complements rather than overshadows your look. Handsome options for men include metal bangles and single or double band wraps. The Quintessential Man is a men’s website that offers practical advice on everything you need to be a modern man. They offer advice on raising a family, dressing well, how to be confident, how to develop a sense of style, and more. With the right guidance and advice, any man can become quintessential.

 Your 2021 Style Guide for Men's Jewelry

Lapel Pins

Lapel pins or custom lapel pins are usually worn on jacket lapels. Nowadays, custom lapel pins can have countless designs, from simple flower lapel pins, sports lapel pins to any other custom designs you would like. This type of pins can take your fashion to next level and can be worn on so many occasions, from the informal to the formal occasions like a wedding! A custom lapel pin is also a way to show your identify like what sports are you playing or which group are you in. As the slogan of well-known enamel pins manufacturer, EnamelPins Inc. states:“ I Don’t Wear Pins, I Wear Attitude.”

Men’s Rings

Most married men sport a wedding band, but there are other ways to wear a ring. You can enhance a professional look with a single band in sterling silver, gold, or two-toned metal. When wearing a more casual outfit, you could stack rings on the same finger, or wear several rings on multiple fingers. The key to wearing more than a wedding band is confidence.

Diamond jewelry is a luxury for many people. Purchasing a diamond ring for your hopeful fiancé is one of the most expensive purchases you’ll make. When the time comes to shop for an engagement ring, you may find that the high price and ethical concerns of natural diamonds make it difficult to find a ring. To the untrained, naked eye, there’s no optical difference between a real diamond and a synthetic diamond.

Agape Diamonds LLC is a leader in the jewelry industry offering an impressive selection of man made diamonds rings. Their selection of diamond engagement rings features custom designs made with simulant, lab-grown, synthetic and natural diamonds that are conflict-free. You can find the same sparkle, clarity, carat, brilliance, and rarity with lab diamonds for a fraction of the cost. All diamond engagement rings come with a lifetime warranty and certificate of authenticity, and the jeweler offers a money-back guarantee on all diamond jewelry. You may even find they have stylish ring options for yourself.


Men can absolutely wear necklaces. The key is to keep necklaces simple. It’s a good idea to choose something minimal that has meaning and can be worn either over the top of your shirt or tucked in. Wearing a modern chain necklace at mid-chest length can create a polished, stylish look. You might consider layering two simple chains of different lengths in complementary metals. Wearing a pendant can add some extra interest.

 Your 2021 Style Guide for Men's Jewelry

Pairing a bespoke suit with a nice pair of cuff links will set off your look. Cuff links are usually reserved for upscale occasions, however, you may wear them more often in a high-powered profession. They come in a variety of styles, such as classic silver or gold or metallic links in circular or square shapes with unique designs. You can never go wrong with monogrammed cuff links, but avoid any flashy or with gemstones.

Over the years, it’s become more fashionably acceptable for men to wear jewelry. Watches, bracelets, rings, necklaces, and cuff links are easy staples that men can accessorize with.