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10 Backdrop Types That Will Help You Click “Wow” Photos

Professional photographer on set with a model on a white background

Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

Did you know that you can level up your photography game using photo props and backdrops? If you don’t, you might have been missing out on a lot.

The truth is, photography backdrops are a useful accessory for both novice and experienced photographers to click high-quality photos. They are versatile, long-lasting, and cost-effective. 

So, one of the best ways to add character to your photos is by using attractive and vibrant backdrops. And that’s why we made an effort to write this in-depth article. 

Read on to know about different backdrops and how you can use them to level up your photography game. 

Printed Background Backdrops

These come with various visual elements. They could be holiday-themed with bokeh lighting, printed words, patterns like a brick wall, or stripes. Printed background backdrops are more detailed than the standard color backdrop and are best to create a themed event. You can find such backdrops and similar ones on Foxbackdrop

Collapsible Backdrops 

These backdrops are available in various solid colors, printed backgrounds, and painted backdrops. They are best suited for photographers working in smaller settings and those who don’t have the space to set up an entire backdrop set-up. 

Collapsible backdrops are simple to set up and are ideal for portraits or three-quarter-length body photographs. 

Solid Vinyl Backdrops

Vinyl Backdrops are a fantastic option to create the mood and drama of your images with the matte effect. They are highly efficient because of their wrinkle-resistant construction and ease of cleaning. Moreover, they are available in different color shades like black, green, and white. 

Printed Vinyl Backdrops

These are similar to printed papers. The primary difference is that the material employed is printed vinyl. They come in various designs ranging from physical spaces to designs on the visual side to Christmas themes and lighting components. They are non-glare, lightweight, and simple to clean. 

 photographer takes pictures of a model on a white background

Printed Canvas Backdrops

These backdrops are stylish and give a luxurious impression to your photos. They are sturdy and long-lasting. They can be hand-painted, using a variety of hues to emphasize the aesthetics of the fine art of photography. 

Seamless Paper Backdrops

These are extremely popular among professional photographers. Being the most expensive options, they are available in various sizes and colors. Moreover, they are simple to install. You can install them simply by sliding onto the backdrop holder and fixing it with clips. 

Muslin Backdrops

They are versatile, sturdy, and highly recommended by professional photographers. The style of a muslin backdrop is that of non-reflective cotton, which gives a professional appearance. You can choose an ad hoc muslin background that is solid in color, painted by hand, airbrushed, or specific effects. 

These pre-stitched backdrops offer incredible strength and visual attractiveness. It is easy to clean these backdrops as they are machine washable.  

Polyester Backdrops 

These wrinkle-resistant backdrops are usually available in a variety of colors. They are sewn with rod pockets that help hang them on your backdrop stand easily. Polyester backdrops are the perfect choice for photographers looking for a simple to use and affordable backdrops. 

Velvet Backdrops

Velvet backdrops are available in various sizes. What’s more, you can easily hang them on the backdrop stand using backdrop clips. These velvet backdrops are available in solid colors like black or red and come in unique hues like gold, silver, or achromatic blend. 

Floor Drops

These are photographic backdrops designed to replicate a particular area’s appearance while shooting in the studio. The floor drops are made from tough rubber with a polyester finish. You can even walk on them!

They are available in rustic wood brick, city street brick, or traditional tiles. They are suitable for portraits, product shots, or images with three-quarter lengths. 


We hope this article was helpful to get you started on the new photoshoot. Be imaginative and open to your choice. There are rules for photography; however, no guidelines on creativity!

Happy photography!