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10 Tips To Help You Find The Perfect Pair of Hair Dressing Shears For You

10 Tips To Help You Find The Perfect Pair of Hair Dressing Shears For You

There are many fashion gurus out there who will swear by a good hair cut. If you want a makeover, then a fresh cut is an absolute requirement.

Your hair frames your face, and a good hair cut will emphasize your best features. Cosmetologists even consider the length and width of your neck to determine the length of your hair.

Also, many hairstylists make use of a hairdo to cover some of the facial features that you may be conscious of, for example, a big forehead or even big ears.

The point is that a haircut is not something to be taken lightly, as it balances your features, making you look youthful as well as sophisticated.

And, nothing gives a boost to one’s self-confidence and a positive attitude like a good haircut.

So, if you are an individual looking to give yourself a makeover, or a professional looking to invest in a pair of shears, consider your options thoroughly and then buy.

Tips to help you find the best pair of hair cutting shears

Getting the right pair of hair cutting shears is of utmost importance. It is a vital tool for a cosmetologist, as it not only affects the dexterity of a hairstylist, it also impacts the overall finish of the hair cut. 

Furthermore, if you happen to be a barber, then you’ll know that a good pair of shear increases wrist and hand comfort.

So, read on to find out the factors that matter when choosing a good pair of hair cutting scissors.

Size Does Matter

The length of the shear makes a difference to the haircut. Shorter shears are used, mostly for touch-ups. Also, if you do hold the hair in your hand, then a shorter scissor is recommended.

On the other hand, barbers tend to use longer scissors, as the shears need to be aligned with the teeth of the comb and cut larger sections of the hair at a time.

But, how do you measure the length of a pair of scissors? It is measured from the tip of the blade to the end of the longest finger hole. Haircutting shears are available in the market in varying sizes from 4.5 to 6.5 inches.

Now, some individuals will ask you to determine the appropriate size by measuring the shears against the length of your palm. 

However, the best way to go about picking the right shears is to get a feel of the scissors in your hands. It doesn’t really matter how expensive the pair is, if it doesn’t feel right in your hand, don’t bother with it. 

Try out handling as many scissors as you possibly can in your hand until you do find the one that feels perfect. 

The Type Of Blade 

Different types of blades are used for different types of haircuts.

Basically, there are two types of blades.

Beveled Edge: These blades have micro-serrations on one or both sides. The serration on a beveled blade prevents the hair from sliding down the blade.

It is considered ideal for newbies, however, professionals use it just as well for detailed cutting. If you want to dry cut your hair then go for beveled-edge scissors, as it is excellent for a slow and crisp cut.

Convex Blade: Also known as the Japanese blade, convex blades are insanely sharp hair shears that are used for clean, smooth and flawless cuts.

Made from stainless steel, with an element of cobalt, the “Cobalted” Japanese blade is a marvel of aerodynamic design manufactured to increase efficiency and a polished cut. 

The Japanese blades have super sharp blades and undergo an extremely detailed process to achieve the desired result, hence, these scissors are quite expensive.

They are ideal for experienced hairstylists as they are quite sharp. Also, the blades of these tools need to be sharpened professionally. 

 10 Tips To Help You Find The Perfect Pair of Hair Dressing Shears For You

Comfort Is Important

It is a known fact that the design of the shears affects the efficiency and dexterity of the hairstylist. So, it also impacts the haircut.

It is also known that prolonged periods of hair cutting time can lead to wrist pain and sluggishness of movements of the hand. Therefore, making it imperative to be extremely conscious of considering comfort when investing in a new pair of scissors.

The handles of the shears should ease the movements and enhance performance. The most common types of shear handles are:

Offset handle: This design incorporates a longer finger handle and shorter thumb handle. It is especially appropriate for people using their thumb and ring finger, allowing smoother and natural cutting motion.

Level Handle: This is the most basic design. It has equal-sized handles that are straight.

Crane handle: The design that has a longer handle on one side and an angled thumb handle on the other is known as the crane handle.

It is perfect for the smoothest cuts and known to reduce pressure on the wrist and shoulder.

The thought to bear in mind is that the shear you buy helps reduce hand and wrist fatigue. 

Scissor Material

Earlier shears were made from stainless steel. Now, shears are made from a combination of stainless steel and other metal such as cobalt. 

The result of combining these metals is greater durability and increased longevity. Not to mention, it also enhances performance.

Screws Are Important

The screws are obviously important as they hold the blades together. However, the right amount of tension between the blades is also vital.

If the screw is too tight the blades do not have a smooth flow and that will adversely affect the haircut. 

On the other hand, if the screw is too loose, the blades are constantly ramming into each other and would require more attention from the hairstylist to keep them in the appropriate cutting position.


It just doesn’t make any sense to invest a good amount of money into a pair of scissors and then not take care of it. High-end shears are fairly expensive and need to be sharpened professionally after every three to six months.

Moreover, if your scissors are wet and not cleaned after the end of the day’s work, then it will rust, no matter the hefty amount you paid for good quality. So, the easiest thing to keep these problems at bay is to keep your shears clean and sharpened.

Another excellent way to maintain the quality of your shears is to oil them frequently. This not only helps to keep the rust away but also keeps the tension between the blades at an optimum level.

 10 Tips To Help You Find The Perfect Pair of Hair Dressing Shears For You


Hairstyling is simply not possible without the proper tools. And, it is a smart investment to put your money into a set of tools that are designed to optimize performance and speed. 

Also, these tools should be such that it reduces physical exertion. Therefore, avoid the cheaper and bulky pair of shears. 

Go for the high-end quality tools that have a reputation in the field for their stellar standards. This, however, does not mean that a high price tag guarantees quality.

Do not try out newbies, go for the established names known for their superior products and ongoing support.

Keep an eye out for ball bearing tension system and polymer inlays in the pivots that are synonymous with end-end quality shears.

The Aesthetics 

It is not possible to take the style out of the stylist. So, we now see shears that are available in many different colors and finishes. 

Companies are even willing to customize a pair of scissors to suit the needs of cosmetologists. Hence, you see colored loops, colored screws and even colored stoppers. 


Considering that these are expensive tools, you can expect at least a year’s warranty if anything goes wrong with the shears. But, please remember that this is relevant only in terms of the mechanics of the tool. 

The warranty does not apply if you dropped the shears and nicked or scrapped the finishing of the scissors.

Another aspect to consider is the after-sales service. High- end shears ought to be sharpened professionally and the best place to get that done from is the original seller of the product.

Payment Options

Professional hairstylists need a whole range of shears to attempt the different types of haircuts that are asked for by the customers. This means that you will need more than just one pair of scissors. 

It is not always possible for cosmetologists to be able to afford to pay such a large amount of money all at once. Hence, it makes sense to inquire if there are payment options available so that the payment can be made in small installments over a period of time.

In conclusion

There are plenty of aspects to consider when it comes to making the right investment in high-quality shears. Hopefully, you will now have a clear idea about the things that ought to be given a priority when buying haircutting shears.

And, if you are still looking for more tips to help you in the right direction, click here.