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14 Ways To Make Your Trailer or RV Feel More Like Home

Camping in trailer, rv kitchen and bedroom

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People who own a trailer or RV will lovingly refer to it as their home away from home, and this is because they make it comfortable enough for themselves and their families. Adding a few items here and there, looking after the living areas, and bringing friends and family together is part of the secret these people hold for making it feel more homely and cozy.

Whether you’re embarking on a quick trip or an extended road trip or getaway, making your trailer or RV feel more like home can contribute to the overall experience and smoothness of your journey.

And with that, here are some ideas to help you get started:

1. Beautify Around The Outside

There’s nothing more special and comforting than coming home to or spending time in a beautiful and well-decorated space. Regardless of how compact the interiors of your RV is, adding a few elements that can bring life and character to the space can go a long way. For instance, some people hang ornaments or signs on the door or a wind chime. But to add more personality, why not go for something a bit fancier?

Perhaps you used to hold get-togethers with friends or family on the porch or deck out back at home, so why not have one custom-made that is portable enough to take along with you? You can check out companies that specialize in decking or laminate flooring, such as Trailer Decking, to help you in designing and manufacturing the perfect deck for your trailer.

2. Customize The Bedroom For A Comfier Stay

A bedroom is where one can get some much-needed rest after the day’s activities. It is their sanctuary, their haven, the place that is most dear to them and has the most comfortable items, allowing them to relax and sleep well.

However, a good night’s sleep depends on many things. But perhaps, the bed plays the biggest role in it. For one, if the bed is not soft and comfortable, you may not find it conducive for your shut-eye. And generally, standard beds in a trailer or RV aren’t the best around, so you may need to swap the mattress for a comfier option. Just be careful about sizing, so if you own an Airstream, make sure you are certain of the proper Airstream replacement mattress size that fits your RV. If spending money on a new mattress is not something the family would consider, you could opt to add a mattress topper or egg carton-type foam layer on top of the existing bed to improve the comfort level.

Other ways of making the trailer or RV feel like a cozy home is by adding bedding, more plush pillows, curtains, and other items that remind the family of their bedrooms, to get those classic accessories, shop here and decorate your RV. You can also hang a mirror or artwork on the wall or decorate it with knickknacks or toys for the kids; it could be anything the family members want to bring.

3. Decorate The Living Space To Add Personality

Throw pillows, blankets, rugs, art, and side table lamps are some items most people associate with a living room. Just because the family now has a temporary one doesn’t mean they should have anything less in it. How the family decides to decorate their shared spaces can reflect their personality and character, making it feel like home. However, not all décor items could be travel friendly, so ensure to find some that everyone will like while keeping in mind that they must withstand the rugged terrain and open roads.

4. Buy Extra Furniture Pieces For The Rooms

To further improve the comfort for everyone in the trailer or RV, add some extra furniture items like an ottoman for seating or kicking back and relaxing with feet up. Alternatively, you can also find things to enhance the kitchen, like a small rack for the vegetables, a block to hold knives, or a mug holder to keep everything neat.

Considering how compact the space is, a trip away in a trailer or RV will generally be about convenience and quick setup, so, if possible, don’t take along items that will be in the way or will take hours to assemble, as it will only take away some of the much-needed time to relax.

5. Consider Adding Window Dressings

Depending on the type of trailer or RV the family has, the windows can have dull-looking blinds or old curtains that don’t match the rest of the décor. Make the space feel more inviting and homier by adding custom-made horizontal blinds in a fabric of the family’s choice, or simply buy matching ones from the nearest home store.

6. Buy Some Indoor Plants

Plants will always breathe some life into space because they produce more oxygen for us and give a certain charm to the room. Traditional homes tend to add indoor plants in some shape or form in the kitchen, living room, bedrooms, and bathrooms, so anyone with a trailer or RV can also consider adding a few that reminds them of home.

Similar to other decorative items, the plants you’re adding to your RV should also be able to withstand the travels. Considering they aren’t a fixed element, they can easily be displaced under rugged terrains. More so, someone will have to care for them daily. If this seems like too much work, opt for succulents or something similar that will require less maintenance.

Camping in a trailer, rv table

7. Use Essential Oils To Create Ambiance

Some enclosed cargo trailers or RVs could have an old or musty smell, mainly when the family hasn’t used them for a while. To counter this, dab some essential oils of choice on furniture items, hang small diffusers from the roof, or use an electrical diffuser to pump the lovely fragrance of home into the air.

Aside from diffusing unwanted smells inside the RV, using essential oils can also add a relaxing element that can freshen up the space, making it cozier and feel more like home. If you want a citrusy aroma, you can go for lemongrass or citronella. For a floral scent, lavender is among the popular choices.

8. Bring Along The Entertainment

There will be days when going outdoors is not an option, and the weather sends a bout of rain or a sudden cold spell to ruin an otherwise perfect day. For this reason, it is a good idea to have some source of entertainment within your RV. For instance, a cell phone or tablet and Wi-Fi connection could see the family snuggling under blankets for a movie, or they can have an impromptu dance party using speakers to pass the time.

9. Make Cleaning A Priority

Back at home, perhaps the family has a cleaning routine that includes children making their beds, sweeping the floor, washing dishes, etc. The same goes when it comes to your trailer or RV. When setting out with the trailer or RV, the family should also expect to keep up with a regular daily routine. Doing so can help ensure a clean living space that everyone can continue using and enjoying be at.

10. Organize The Bathroom For Functionality

The bathroom is generally where families tend to get into each other’s hair about the time everyone spends there. Apart from using the toilet, families will have to brush their teeth and take a shower like they would any other day at home. With that, remember to keep your tiny bathroom stocked with enough of everyone’s toiletries and the one item more valuable to some than gold – toilet paper.

If the bathroom is less than adequate, the family will likely start to miss their home and may even regret being away. It could also make for an uncomfortable stay. And so, make sure everything stays neat and organized by hanging caddies for everyone to place their items in. Alternatively, you can invest in a small cupboard to keep some things stored away.

11. Pack Comfort Items From Home

Aside from decorating the interiors of your RV to make it homier, you can also encourage everyone to bring items that remind them of home. For kids, it can be their favorite stuffed toy or wood blocks. For teenagers, it can be a gadget or a book. Such little things can go a long way in making them relaxed while on the road.

12. Plan Family Activities For All To Share

Families sharing a home will inevitably spend a lot of time together, but this is even more important when they are on a trip away from home. Being away from their routine and busy lives can leave room for creating stronger bonds between the members by playing board games, preparing a meal, or going on a nature walk.

They say home is where the heart is, so the closer the family member becomes, the more the trailer or RV will feel like home.

13. Celebrate Special Occasions On The Go

Even if a family is away from home, they can still celebrate all the special occasions as they go on their trip. Seeing that it will be their home for the next couple of days, they can still decorate the outside and the inside of the trailer or RV according to the holiday they are celebrating.

For instance, Christmas lights look beautiful at night, as do Halloween decorations, and the 4th of July cannot pass without some star-spangled banners flying up high. Whatever the occasion, including birthdays and anniversaries, can brighten up the trailer or RV’s look and feel by adding some holiday-appropriate decorations.

14. Involve The Whole Family In The Project

Allowing each family member to decorate or give their input about the décor can make them feel part of the project. When someone feels connected to something, they will be more comfortable around it, meaning the trailer or RV will be home to them without much extra effort.

Wrapping Up

Your trailer or RV can be your home away from home while on a road trip. And as you’ve seen in this article, there are various ways you can make its interiors a cozy and comfortable home for you and your family to spend time in, bond, and make memories to last.