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2021 Interview Questions for Node.js App Developer

2021 Interview Questions for Node.js App Developer

Hiring is an extremely important process. You might find the right fit for your company or end up with someone who cannot complete the task they are assigned to. Finding the right node.js app developer for your business might be really daunting, and that is why we will see some of the most critical questions that will help you hire node js developers that are excellent fit for your project.

What is Node.js, and how it works?

Any experienced node.js app developer will know the answer. Node.js is a platform for open-source server-side and networking applications. It’s used to develop web servers, real-time messaging systems, and other systems that require a lot of I/O operations. Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model, which makes it lightweight and efficient. Node.js utilizes Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. Node.js also gives you the ability to use built-in APIs.

What are the main benefits of using Node.js?

Internet of Things and how Node.js steals the show

It’s no surprise that IoT has changed the way businesses operate, but one of the most beneficial technologies is Node.js. This platform offers a lot of back-end capabilities that are perfect for IoT deployments. Not only can Node.js support massive amounts of data and information, but it’s also fast and flexible enough to be used in any industry.

Real-time chats

We cannot imagine a modern-day world without social media networks and chats. Node.js is ideal for creating real-time conversations of any kind. It has a powerful Event API, making it very easy to create objects that emit events that are then listened to by event handlers. Thanks to this functionality, Node.js is perfect for building instant messengers and other push notification services widely used in instant messaging apps.

Streaming services and Real-Time collaboration tools

Node.js is perfectly equipped to build real-time platforms such as those that might be used for streaming or collaboration. Some of the most popular current platforms, like Twitch and Trello, use Node.js to let users stream content or collaborate with co-workers in real-time.

 2021 Interview Questions for Node.js App Developer

For how long have you worked with Node.js?

An Experienced node.js programmer can perform on a whole different level than a mid-level developer, let alone a newbie. It’s not impossible to learn Node.js within a couple of months (especially if you have JavaScript background) but mastering it is a lot tougher task. 

Do you have testimonials from previous employers/clients?

When you decide between Node.js developers, it is essential to know which ones have the tools, expertise, and know-how to help you build your project. Testimonials put faith in the client or employer. People are skeptical in general, and especially if they are investing in an expensive asset which is the Node.js developer.

Why did you choose Node.js over PHP or Java?

If you ask dedicated Node.js developers, they can answer you straight away. StackOverflow ranks Node.js first in the category “Other Frameworks, Libraries, and Tools” for the second year in a row. And with an advantage of over 15% (51.9% compared to 35.9%) against .NET, it clearly shows why professional developers choose it frequently for their projects. Before you hire node.js developers, they should know the key advantages of the back-end JavaScript runtime environment ahead of PHP (performance and scalability) and Java (faster and more agile workflow).

Remuneration package

Node.js developers are some of the most highly sought-after professionals in the tech world, which means that they can command high salaries from employers across all industries. But, if you want to decrease costs associated with hiring Node.js developers, you need to make sure that you look for all available options.

Consider hiring a Node.js app developer from abroad

Hiring a Node.js programmer from the US might sound like a good idea initially. Well, Talent.com’s statistics show that the median salary is around $117,000 per year (or $60/hour). However, if you hire node.js developers from abroad, you can save costs and avoid working with freelancers. The best of all is that you can hire multiple people to work on your project if you need it as soon as possible or maintain your back-end side with a single node.js app developer who will take care of your project on an hourly basis without paying extra for a full-time employee.