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2022 Design Trends in New Home Construction

Kitchen with Terrazzo countertop

It’s not uncommon for great design to begin with a spark. It might be a color, a material, or simply a sense of how you want your home life to be. Not to mention, everyone’s original motivation is different.

However, suppose you’re seeking inspiration for a home remodeling or new construction project this year. In that case, this compendium of trends will be a great place to start.

What Impact Does Home Design Have on Your Home?

A well-designed house will improve your image in your social circle and make your guests feel at ease in their new surroundings. It can assist you in moving forward in your personal and professional life. What if your date walked away after taking one peek at your house? In contrast to a haphazardly structured home, a well-designed space will be more energy-efficient and make entertaining and relaxing simple and convenient. Expert’s decision making is critical in these kind of new structures or design that you’d love to try in your home. Florida Engineering expertise will surely come in handy.

The following are some new home design trends that you’ll be seeing more of throughout 2022 and the years to come. 

1. Ceilings With Beams or Stains

Different ceiling ornamentation adds a wow-effect to both low and high ceilings. At the same time, stains and tonal materials bring the room’s palette together.

This is a particularly trendy style in new kitchens.

2. Inspiring Outdoor Areas

Post-pandemic architecture best uses outdoor spaces to provide areas for resting, entertaining, working from home, or simply soaking in the scenery.

Backyard concepts include multi-level terraces, outdoor kitchens, seating areas with fire pits, and indoor courtyards, to name a few.

Customizing rooftop spaces are also on the rise, and they often feature seating areas or small gardens.

3. Environmental-Friendly Home

Instead of just copying hues seen outside, homeowners will continue to embrace these sustainable and green design ideas by bringing nature closer.

Designers increase local, organic materials in the home while optimizing sunlight, fresh air, plants, and other natural aspects.

4. Black Accents

Black accents will be the exception in 2022, as natural, delicate hues and warm tones will continue to be popular.

Examples include exterior black window frames, lacquered entrance doors, and matte or shiny black appliances.

5. Hardwood Floor Patterns

Flooring professionals use lighter color woods in customized designs to add patterns to their work. Whether in a single room or a section of space, floor patterns are an inexpensive addition that adds a touch of elegance. 

There is a growing appreciation for old-world artistry with two-tone inlays, patterns, or various tones.

Bedroom with wooden flooring

6. Minimalist/Uncluttered Living

When you create time for the things you like and remove those that distract you, you enjoy life more.

The basis of a minimalist lifestyle is focusing on what matters most in life and eliminating everything else. Less is more in this case. A minimalist life is deliberate, and home builders know that more people embrace it.

Newer designs and floor plans are simple, more appealing to a broader audience of buyers, and more customizable to each homeowner’s preferences. Additionally, they have more space for storage throughout, making it easier to keep homes tidy and decluttered. 

7. Curves

When done effectively, curves give a house individuality and a sense of surprise and joy. This tendency counteracts the recent straight-line syndrome.

Expect more arched entrances, barrel vault ceilings, and curving furniture indoors.

Look for curved paths, arched windows and doors, and curved gates outside.

8. Neutral Tones

A neutral color basis will have lasting power in 2022 and beyond, giving buyers many alternatives for their homes.

Stone grays, tinted blacks and off-whites are good choices that have a lasting effect and complement most modern furniture and decor.

9. Kitchen Cabinetry and Countertops

Homeowners are sick of all-white kitchens and granite counters and want to liven things up. This has changed the home building industry over the last couple of years. Many builders of affordable homes have worked to cut costs and improve inefficiencies to include these sought-after upgrades in the home’s base price. LGI Homes, a leader in affordable homes, now have designer finishes in every home they build. 

Expect more color in cabinets in inviting, warm, and neutral tones. And look out for taller cabinets with more space and beautiful crown molding. 

While stone countertops aren’t going anywhere any time soon, there are many more options on the market. You might get to choose from quartz, travertine, or even wood.

10. Exterior Mixtures

On the exteriors of homes, expect to see a lot of material blending to make otherwise “cookie-cutter” homes more distinct.

Builders may offer more elevation options, paint colors, trim options, and landscaping features to help buyers feel more connected with their purchases.

11. Different Roofing Types & Systems 

Metal roofs are long-lasting and may be used for the whole structure, as an accent for an addition, or for awnings over windows.

Keep an eye out for natural slate, imitation woods, and tiles. Plus, innovations and new materials make it possible to have a ‘cool roof’ system with dark colors instead of the traditional light colors roofers used in the past. 

12. Combining Classic & New

The mix of classic favorites and new designs generates interesting contrasts that help define a space.

By combining opposites, the character of each of the individual elements is further enhanced, resulting in visually remarkable and inviting areas of a house.

Arches are a popular choice for this effect. They are a timeless architectural feature that produces distinctive properties coupled with modern aesthetics.

13. Versatile Design

Creating areas that serve several purposes dramatically expands the functionality of a home. Architects work diligently to develop new home designs with fewer limitations, using every square foot. 

Multipurpose furniture and other design elements help homeowners achieve higher levels of versatility.