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3 Reasons to Use a Paint Sprayer When Repainting Your Home

3 Reasons to Use a Paint Sprayer When Repainting Your Home

No wonder repainting the home is a daunting task. However, with the right tools in hand, you can make it hassle-free and at the same time a fun-filled activity. Wondering how? Well, here we will talk about paint sprayers and how they can help in repainting your home with so much ease.

Out of so many available options like brushes and rollers, paint sprayers seem quite feasible for a number of reasons. When you can accomplish the task by just pulling a trigger and letting the paint fly, what else will look easier? Well, painting the home is not as easy as it is sounding but can be made by using a paint sprayer.

The three major reasons which make a paint sprayer better option of painting the house include the following:

  1. It Saves Time And Efforts

While using the brush and stroking the roller on the walls consume a lot of time, a paint sprayer work like a pro without compensating the time and efforts. No matter how large your space is a good paint sprayer work wonders in accomplishing the entire task in lesser time and fewer efforts. Neither your hands will ache due to the constant strokes by brush or roller, nor you have to spend your time sticking near the wall for long durations.

  1. It Is Perfect For Rough Textures

So your walls have imperfections, and you want to hide the bumps, gaps, cracks, and similar flaws while painting? Well, in such cases do not look further than a paint sprayer. A sprayer easily overrides almost every surface blemish. Using brush or roller in such bumpy surfaces will never give a perfect result. It is the primary reason why paint sprayers are considered the best for the exteriors, the popular website https://www.paintsprayerguy.com/ urges.

Paint sprayers lead to mist and over spraying which helps to hide the imperfections of the exterior walls. In just one motion the paint sprayers can cover a wide swath concealing the blemishes of the exterior walls.

 3 Reasons to Use a Paint Sprayer When Repainting Your Home

  1. It Gives An Even Coating

If the spraying is done with perfection, the chances of getting a smooth and even coating are always high. Unlike paint rollers and brushes which most of the time fail to offer an even coating, a paint sprayer forming a fine mist does the work. It covers all the surfaces with the mists and makes sure not even single spot lefts behind. It leads to making the spray painting perfect not only for the walls but furniture, window frames and stairs as well.

While going for a paint sprayer, there are three important things you should keep under the belt. These are:

  • Style-You will find different styles of paint sprayers in the market viz., airless sprayers, compressed air sprayers and high volume, low pressure (HVLP) sprayers. While airless sprayers offer even coating, compressed one requires an air compressor for effective results. HVLP sprayers, on the other hand, use less paint but are expensive and require an air compressor. So choose wisely.
  • Paint type-You have to pick the sprayer according to the paint you are using. Airless sprayers are suitable for paints of all thickness while HVLP sprayers get clogged with thick paints.
  • Area-It is essential to consider the surface you need to paint and its coverage area. The area to be painted decides the type of sprayer you will need. If you are going to paint the entire exterior of the house, getting a sprayer having long extension cords and bigger paint cups are considered ideal. Likewise, if you have to work on furniture, a small handheld device will do the needful.


No matter whether you are working on the walls or a piece of furniture, it needs special attention while spraying. Overlapping of spraying may lead to an uneven finish. Moreover, if the sheen on the paint is high, these buildups could become more prominent.

Therefore always try to maintain the uniformity to get the best result. Choose the right style of paint sprayer and make sure it goes well with the paint you will use. Lastly, ensure that your paint sprayer is clean before taking it out for painting.