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3 Software That Businesses Need For Virtual Onboarding In 2020

3 Software That Businesses Need For Virtual Onboarding In 2020

As the world is battling a deadly pandemic, individuals were shut inside their homes. Overnight, corporates were forced to adopt the policy of remote working, closing the doors of their offices. 

As more corporations are now hiring employees virtually, onboarding programs have a new set of challenges to face. Traditionally, onboarding was considered as a tedious task. Now, with the increasing virtual hiring, coordination seems to be on the loose end. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of tools and software that are now available in the market that makes the entire process more systematic and less troublesome. These tools come with varied features and specifications. It is best to explore and pick the ones that fit well with your specific goals and business. Microsoft Power BI is one such tool that can generate insights through visualizations by personally curated reports and dashboards. If you seem to have a Power BI Microsoft Certification, you can outshine the crowd with your analytical skills and generate great results for your organization.

In this article, you can learn about various software that you can invest in to make your virtual employee onboarding program hassle-free. 

Software and tools you need for virtual onboarding in 2020 

 3 Software That Businesses Need For Virtual Onboarding In 2020

Communication tools for effective communication and delegation of tasks

In today’s time, there is no dearth of communication tools. It is essential for every business to invest in good communication tools that meet their specifications in order to carry out the procedure of onboarding smoothly. These tools should be capable of making communication with your employees effective and delegation of tasks easy. 

These communication tools are essential to ensure seamless workflow. Such tools are needed to automate tasks and leave additional time on your hands. One of the most popular communication tools that has recently gained popularity is Slack. Slack is a software that has been designed to replace email as the primary method of communicating and sharing within teams. 

Authoring tool for creating virtual onboarding training content

Another tool that is essential when onboarding an employee is an authoring tool. As the name suggests, this tool assists in creating digital content for employees. This tool makes this process of developing content more efficient. These tools are best used for training purposes. Authoring tools reduces the time that one spends on creating materials for training. 

Such tools are often user-friendly and thus, don’t require one to have any technical experience in order to use the software. One of the most common authoring tools today is the iSpring Suite. This authoring tool offers templates and characters to make the task much easier and simple for the users. 

 3 Software That Businesses Need For Virtual Onboarding In 2020

Learning management system 

A learning management system is a cloud-based platform that allows you to create, execute, and track the training sessions that are held during the onboarding program. This management system has countless benefits and hence, turns out to be a cost-effective investment for many businesses. An LMS allows you to have all your training content in one location instead of being spread across various multimedia channels. 

The best thing about an LMS is that it gives you a chance to offer unlimited access to your employees. This motivates them to play an active role in the training as they can access the material as per their own convenience. There are plenty of features that you should explore in order to invest in an LMS that fits well with your goals. 

Docebo LMS features make it one of the top learning management systems in the market. This LMS is power-packed with Artificial Intelligence which makes the entire training experience extremely impressive and interesting.  


There are plenty of software that are now available in the market to make your process of virtual onboarding uncomplicated. It is best to have your goals and needs beforehand. This makes it easier for you to explore and choose the best one to align with your preferences.