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3 Ways to Save Money on Software Subscriptions

3 Ways to Save Money on Software Subscriptions

Today we use computers and smartphones for many purposes like work, entertainment, education, buying & selling, and many more. All these would not have been possible without the software or applications. 

Our computer system can perform thousands of tasks; however, it needs the commands in the form of programming codes for conducting those tasks. The software helps us to utilize the power of our computer system. Even for writing this post, I am using software, and for viewing it, you are using the software.

Today, consumers have millions of options for getting their applications. From free to paid, there is a wide range of software available for every platform like Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and others.

Many times, users might require to get a paid subscription to any software to accomplish a dedicated task. Usually, such software subscriptions can be costly for you, especially if you are a student or someone who doesn’t require that software for the long term. 

Suppose you require a paid software just for completing a particular task or for a one-time project. In that case, you can either rely on the free trial period of the software or if the company does not provide a sufficient trial period, you can go for the license keys that are publicly available on the internet. There is a pretty rare chance they would work, but in some cases, you might get lucky, for example, in getting the Avast Driver Updater license keys.

However, if you are a working professional or running an organization, getting the paid software might not be an issue. Still, if you are tight on a budget or any particular software subscription is way too expensive, there are several ways to get those software subscriptions at a lesser price.

In this post, we would discuss the top 3 ways to save money while getting a software subscription.

Get Subscriptions from the Third-Party Vendors

If the paid subscriptions of the software are costly, you can get the subscriptions from reliable third-party vendors. The authentic third-party vendors like WorthWagon purchase the software licenses in bulk from the developers, which costs them pretty little than the original price. For example, if a software organization charge $100 for a software subscription, it might cost $60 or $70 to a third-party seller as they buy thousands of subscriptions together. Then these vendors would sell those subscriptions for $80 on their platforms, providing a flat 20% discount to the buyers from the original price and also earning their profit.

However, an important thing to keep in mind is that not all third-party software subscription sellers on the internet are genuine. There are many who are just there to deceive the users and scam them to get their money. So, it is advised that before getting the software license keys from other platforms than the official ones, verify their authenticity by reading the public reviews and ratings.

 3 Ways to Save Money on Software Subscriptions

Get Software Subscription in Partnership

If a software subscription is too expensive, you can team up with someone who requires the same software. If you could accumulate 5 to 6 persons who need the same software, you can buy it together, and the company might provide you discounts because of bulk buying. The more people join, the more discount all will get.

Other than that, many software subscriptions keys work on more than a single device. So, for example, if a key is valid for two devices, two persons who require the same software can buy it together and enjoy the 50% discount. 

You can also partner up with the software development company for a discount. For instance, if a company develops a wide range of applications that you might require in your organization, you can partner up with the software development company to buy all your required software from them in return for a good discount.

Take advantage of Sales and Follow Give-Away Blogs and Channels

There are many instances in a year, for example, black Friday or Independence Day, when software development organizations offer huge discounts on their products and services through sales. If you want any software at a lower price and don’t have any urgency of getting it as soon as possible, you can always wait for such sales and get it at a discounted price.

Other than that, you can follow the give-away blogs and YouTube channels that regularly organize the give-aways of the popular software programs that you might require. Luck will be a significant factor in getting the software in give-aways but giving it a try wouldn’t cost you anything. Also, such blogs or YouTube channels might guide you in getting software at a lower price.

Bottom Line

Every computer user might require to buy a software subscription once. In anticipation of getting it at a lower price, many users might visit untrustworthy sites and get software from there. You must remember that cybercriminals take advantage of such unreliable sites to release dangerous malware programs like Trojans by modifying the genuine software. To genuinely get a software subscription at a discounted price, you can follow the methods listed in this post.