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4 Effective Ways to Decompress Throughout the Workday

4 Effective Ways to Decompress Throughout the Workday


Effective time management is essential to success in any venture. Indeed, the best professionals across all fields are constantly looking for ways to improve their own productivity and to get more done at the office. Still, human beings are not robots. At a certain point, even the most dedicated pros will need to step away from their work for a breather. Given that fact, today we’re going to take a look at an often-ignored subject, namely: what are the best ways to decompress during the workday? We’ll answer this question so that you can stick to your busy schedule without compromising your peace of mind. Check it out here:

Stay Active

Sitting at a desk and working online might be “normal” for millions of people, but it is not exactly healthy. Rather, most experts recommend that sedentary employees use their breaks throughout the day to get up and move around. Ideally, professionals would be able to hold a full workout session at some point during the day. Even If this isn’t possible, though, simply walking around the block can be a great way to relieve stress. Plus, taking short walking breaks will help you stay fresh and focused on your most pressing tasks. 


Having positive relationships with your coworkers can be extremely beneficial –– particularly for pros who need to collaborate often. As such, you shouldn’t feel bad about stopping for a few minutes each day to talk to a few of your fellow team members. It’s also worth keeping in mind that socialization can play a large part in protecting mental health as well. Bottom line: it’s important to speak with those around you and to build meaningful connections with them. 

 4 Effective Ways to Decompress Throughout the Workday

A Healthy Snack

Occasionally, a frustrated worker may simply need to indulge in a healthy snack to get re-energized and to refocus on the task at hand. Note here though that there’s a big difference between having an apple every afternoon and a bag of heavily-salted potato chips. Lastly, prioritize drinking water throughout the day whenever possible. Hydration is key to health!

Put the Phone Away & Look Up

Spending all of your free time at work on your smartphone is not an effective way to let off steam or to relax. Rather, moving from your laptop to your smartphone won’t really constitute much of a break for your brain (or your eyes) at all. Next time you have ten minutes to yourself at the office, spend it meditating, listening to music, or simply allowing your mind to wander. All are preferable to more screen time. 


Whether you’re working hard to develop a new line of 6 well plates or you’re trying to hit a deadline for your blog, always give yourself time to decompress throughout the day. Doing so will improve the quality of your work and your enjoyment of it.