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4 Reasons Why Restore Your Gutter  

4 Reasons Why Restore Your Gutter  

Gutters are probably one of the hardest to reach areas of the house, aside from the roof. That’s why during general cleaning of the house, gutters are often left out of the picture, especially in big houses with high roofs.

Keep in mind that no matter how tough the job is, restoring your worn-out gutters and maintaining them are a must. Below are the 6 major reasons why you should call the gutter experts and have them give a new life to your gutters.

1. Damaged Gutter Means Damage Roof

A well-functioning and maintained gutters allow the rainwater to flow freely from the roof to the downspout. But if you have malfunctioned and clogged up gutters, the rainwater will pool inside the gutter.

The rainwater will eventually reach the bottom of the roof which can cause cracking to your roof shingles, or rusting if you have galvanized iron as roofs.

And as you already know, rusts and cracks are not good signs. They can cause larger problems like leaking and rotting in the ceiling.

2. Flooding In the Basement Is Inevitable

The moment that the rainwater overflows from the water or flows out of the holes and cracks, it can start to wreak havoc to other areas of your house. Like the basement.

The water will seep into the ground then will leak into your basement eventually. Once the water reaches the basement, it can cause the formation of moulds, peeling off of paint, and the worst of them all, flooding.

4 Reasons Why Restore Your Gutter  

3. It Can Weaken the Foundation of Your House

Water is one of the mortal enemies of any type of house. There are just so many problems that are tied with it. Including the weakening of the foundation of your home.

This happens after the water seeps into the basement. The water from the ground can destroy your home’s foundation and your house will not be safe to live in.

If you have a weak foundation, it will also be hard for you to sell the house if you decide to do so. When selling a house, it has to pass an inspection. Which could be a long shot, given the structural integrity of the house.

4. Pests Can Infest Your Gutters

Gutters that are not maintained or cleaned up are the favourite breeding spots of pests like rats and others. These gutters may look like a trash island for us humans, but for rats, these are like paradise.

If you allow this to happen, the rats can infest your roof and eventually invade your house and bring chaos to your kitchen, pantry, and other areas.

On the other hand, mosquitoes also want a fair share of your unsightly gutters.  Clogged up leaves and twigs make the water pool inside the gutter. This pool of water is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes.

The next thing you know, a swarm of mosquitoes are already pestering you in the middle of the night. Mosquitoes, as you already know, are more than just an annoyance. They are a health risk since they can bring diseases to your family such as dengue or malaria.

If you don’t want all of these to happen, the best thing you could do is to have your gutter restored by the gutter experts like Gutterlines. Have them inspect your house and let them do the rest of the work.

They can repair the damaged parts of your gutters and make them look brand new. So you can avoid all the nagging problems that come with rainwater.

However, gutter restoration is not a one-time affair. Make sure to always maintain your gutters for them to do their job properly.