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4 Tips for Prepping Your Home for Your Next Event

4 Tips for Prepping Your Home for Your Next Event

One of the best parts of being a homeowner is throwing parties with friends and family. From inviting a few people over for brunch to hosting a party for the big game, you’re sure to win the adoration of your guests with a fantastic event.

No matter the party size, follow these four tips to prepare your home for your next event so everyone can enjoy the festivities.

Choose a Theme for Your Party

Sometimes themes are easy: watching the Super Bowl, celebrating Cinco de Mayo, or welcoming a new child. However, if you’re just having a few people over for an impromptu event, you could be stumped for a theme.

Always try to find a reason to get together — even if it’s just to relax after a stressful week at work. This will help your guests figure out what to bring and can give you ideas for the food and who to invite.

Invite Friends Who Are Likely to Get Along

Mixing friend groups can be trickier than you think. While you might want to invite your work friends and neighbors to the same party, they might not get along — or worse, they might only be hostile to one another. The last thing you need is for your party to turn into a political debate or for someone’s ex-husband to unexpectedly turn up.

Check your guest list to make sure everyone invited is likely to get along. If you are bringing in people from multiple friend groups, introduce them slowly so they don’t feel uncomfortable around people they don’t know.

 4 Tips for Prepping Your Home for Your Next Event

Make Your Home Clean and Comfortable

There’s nothing worse than walking into a home and immediately wishing you could walk out. From foul odors to dirty couch cushions, your guests won’t enjoy their time if your home is dingy and dirty. Before the party, scrub down your bathroom and make sure your common areas are clean. Make sure countertops are clear and that you have enough clean dishes and glasses for everyone if you’re not using paper alternatives. These small steps can have a big party impact.

Cleaning can also make your home safer for some guests. When you’re vacuuming and dusting, you are actively reducing allergens in your home. Your guests will breathe easier without dirt, dust, and pet dander inflaming their allergies.

Account for Dietary Needs of Guests

As you plan the menu and munchies for your party, look at your guest list and make sure there’s something that all of your guests can eat and drink. Parties can be stressful for people who are vegan, gluten-free, or diabetic or have other dietary limitations. Make sure all of your guests have at least something to enjoy when they stop by — even if it’s as simple as ordering a cheese pizza for your vegetarian friend or whipping up a batch of Southern-style sweet tea for those who don’t drink. Your friends will appreciate how considerate you are.

Once your home is prepped and ready for the party, the only thing you’ll have to do is wait for your guests! Relax and enjoy the event as your friends stop by and compliment you on your fantastic party-planning skills.