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4 Tips You Need to Know About Converting Your Loft

4 Tips You Need to Know About Converting Your Loft

Most of us who live in the North of England have an attic or loft in our house. And it is not at all surprising that most of us use it to store items. Now, using the loft of your house for storing house items is not a bad thing but if you want to increase the living space of your house. That loft or attic of your house is the place to leverage.

Having a loft bedroom is one of the best things. You can rent it or can use to for yourself. Moreover, you can also use the loft space of your house for a bathroom, lounge, kitchen, gaming room, and whatever else you think might improve your life.

If you have free unused attic space in your house and you want to convert it, here are some of the great tips for you.

1. Planning Permission is Key

If you are planning on converting your loft, it is essential for you to get the planning permission first, especially if you are based in the UK. Although planning permission is not necessary for all home improvement instances, the loft conversion of your house is counted under permitted development. But, if you are extending your space that exceeds the specified conditions and limits, it is important to seek permission or it’s possible you might be shut down halfway through the work and told to start again. It’s important to consider the area in which you are based if you are after a loft conversion in Richmond in Yorkshire, the planning permission needed will be very different from Richmond in London.

To better understand and navigate the planning permissions, you need to hire a professional architect. He will guide you to apply for the right planning permissions after analysing the area and the modifications that you need in it.

 4 Tips You Need to Know About Converting Your Loft

2. Hire an Architect

To get the best out of the space of your attic or loft, it is necessary to pick the best architect. Now, based on the space of your attic or loft, he can suggest better ways of extending.

Some of the most popular loft conversions in North of England are:

Dormer Loft conversions: This type of conversion is best if you want your loft to have significant headspace. Moreover, the dormer loft conversion can also help you get more light into the attic.

Truss Loft conversions: The truss loft conversion is also a potential choice to make.

You will not only get more living space in this loft conversion, but it will also be cost-effective for you. Most of the truss loft conversions do not require any planning permissions.

To get the best loft conversions for your house, hire a well-experienced architect. He will not only keep a check on the designing and construction of the loft but will also handle the process of planning permission for you. There are various aspects that only a professional can understand and analyse better. For example:

And more!

3. Think About Window Design

The thing that matters the most while converting your loft is lighting. To ensure proper and required lighting into the loft of your house, it is necessary to plan the placement of each and every window in it.

To do this, it is important to note the accurate dimensions of the loft. Moreover, it is also essential to check what type of windows will suit your attic. Some of the best types of loft windows are:

Skylights window

The skylight window is one of the best types of loft windows, why? Well, these windows allow more natural light to flow into the interior of the loft than any other type of windows. Moreover, they disperse the light well and also funnels heat during winters.

Further, the skylight window is of two types:

Cathedral: Cathedral windows are the type of windows that are installed with the roofline without any shaft.

Shaft: These windows are installed with a corridor that extends from the roofline to the ceiling. This provides funnelling of natural light into the attic.

Dormer Window

This is one of the most common types of window that sticks out from the sloping roof surface. The dormer window has vertical panes and offers significant lighting and ventilation to the loft. These windows provide awesome architecture touch to your house, thus, adding value to the price of your property.

Top hinged window

These types of windows are made within reachable limits. The best thing about these windows is that they can be opened for ventilation and heat. Moreover, they can also act as an escape route for emergency situations. These windows are most common in lofts that require outside access.

Rose Window

The rose windows are circular decorative windows that are installed flush with the roof. These windows are fitted with stained glass that has a geometric design. Their ingenious design makes them proudly stand out from the modern-day designs.

 4 Tips You Need to Know About Converting Your Loft

4. Think About the Roof

Well, the one crucial aspect that requires the utmost attention is the roof. It is likely that you need to make changes to the roof of your loft while converting it into a beautiful bedroom. So, it is best to employ local roofers in Manchester or Yorkshire that can help you out.

Moreover, if you are reconstructing or modifying the roof, it is necessary to analyse factors like water damage, heat losses, etc. After the complete analysis of these factors with respect to your preferences, you should proceed with the roof redesigning process. For this, you will need a Manchester or Yorkshire roofer.

Here are some of the roof designs that you can look into:

Flat roof dormer: This roof extension extends vertically from the slope of the existing roof. It is also easy to install windows in it and is also economical.

Mansard loft: In this conversion, the wall shared with the neighbours is raised while the rooms remain flat. In this, the outer wall of the house gently slopes inwards.

Roof light loft: There is no special requirement of this loft conversions. All that is required to be done is to add the windows in the roof and reinforce the floor.

These conversions may seem easy to implement, but they are not. You need to hire an experienced architect and roofer for this.

Final Words

Having some extra space in your house always comes handy in the future. You can let your guests stay there and can also use it for yourself. The loft conversion will not only help in increasing living space but will also add value to your house. However, you need to plan everything well before converting it.