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4 Types of Essential External Security for Your Business

CCTV Installation Wizard concept. Service for installing CCTV cameras

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Security is of the utmost importance for your business. Protecting your assets, your employees and your information is crucial to success. Risks to your business include burglars, vandalism, accidents, and cyber attacks, amongst other things. 

For peace of mind, you should make sure you have essential external security as soon as possible. But what is considered vital? Read on to find out. 

CCTV cameras

CCTV cameras are one of the most well-known tools when it comes to outdoor security. Their very presence is often a direct deterrent for thieves and vandals. However, they are often underutilized in comparison to other methods as they require more specific setup and maintenance. 

When installing CCTV cameras, you should get high-quality models that will give you a clear picture. It’s no use having video footage of a crime occurring if you can’t see what’s happening on it! That said, you may need to install lighting around the area to be captured on camera to ensure optimum visibility.  Night vision is a feature of many top models, but some have a maximum distance and therefore may not be suitable for large areas.

Consider whether you want to have the cameras plugged in or whether you’re happy with the maintenance of more versatile battery-powered options. You don’t want something to occur only to find out that you forgot to charge the battery and therefore haven’t recorded the event. Likewise, ensure that the field of vision is broad enough so that you don’t leave any blind spots in your security.

 Video surveillance service worker is installing a cctv security camera on the wall close up

Alarms and Buzzers

Alarms and buzzers come in a variety of sizes and colors. As such, they can be a very discreet way to incorporate hidden security. They emit audio signals when movement triggers the electrical circuit, so they are highly sensitive to tampering. Have buzzers installed at external points for a security alert when anyone enters or attempts entry.

You’ll want to invest in high output models for an alert that will be a clear indication to colleagues and a warning to criminals. 

Motion Sensor Lights

PIR: Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) lights detect infrared in objects around them. Humans give off infrared energy as heat. These sensors detect moving objects with this energy signature, meaning they’re very sensitive to anything passing by. These are usually appreciated by members of staff who want to feel safer while navigating external areas of the business.

Solar PIR: If you want to make sure any wrongdoer is as visible as possible without wasting electricity, this is a good option. These lights convert solar energy into electrical energy via a photovoltaic process, meaning it’s a sustainable way to provide external security. 

LED or halogen flood: LED lights use less energy than other options, saving your business some running costs. Installing LED floodlights alongside CCTV cameras can augment your whole security system. Halogen floodlights are brighter and more powerful, but they are more expensive. 

Digital security

External security doesn’t just mean the physical space surrounding your business premises. In a digital world, external threats are often virtual and can be just as devastating as a physical breach of your security. This is even more critical if you work in a trade which stores a lot of sensitive information about its products or customers. Having inadequate protection can damage your reputation and therefore harm your business prospects.