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4 Ways To Brighten Your Kitchen

Maybe, you’ve been working around your kitchen for a long time that you’ve soon felt that it’s becoming dull or boring. You may then immediately think of massive kitchen renovations without looking closely at what your kitchen might be missing. Perhaps, it might have to do with your kitchen’s dim atmosphere and lighting. If it is, then it’s definitely understandable if you’re feeling uninspired most days while working in your kitchen. 

The kitchen is one of the most popular areas in the house. That’s where homeowners release their creativity and adventurous spirits. That’s where you prepare your hearty meals for the family or experiment on new recipes you’ve seen from a cooking show. Plus, that’s also where your family goes whenever they’re starving.  

Whether your kitchen is in desperate need of more light so you can clearly see your knives and forks, or just want the room to feel cheerful and inspiring, brightening your kitchen will surely make the area look brand new. And, the best news is that you don’t need to do a massive renovation project to achieve that.  

A few touch-ups and style additions will suffice to get you the brightest and most inspiring kitchen for your household. Here are four ways you can do to brighten up your kitchen:

1. Use Natural Light

If you have kitchen windows, make use of them by not covering them up. There’s nothing wrong with an unadorned kitchen window. In fact, you wouldn’t even notice it since the natural light streaking in will highlight your entire kitchen space. Plus, you get to enjoy the outside view while working on your hearty dishes. If you don’t have a kitchen window yet, you can talk to your contractor or interior designer, and ask where’s the best place to have one. A window and the sunlight passing through it are already powerful enough to change your kitchen’s character.

 4 Ways To Brighten Your Kitchen

2. Repaint Your Dark Wood Cabinets

Maybe, you currently have bright kitchen bulbs and open kitchen windows. However, as you look around, you may have noticed that your kitchen’s dark atmosphere still seems to dominate even more than your bulbs and windows. Well, your kitchen cabinets might have something to do with that problem. 

Having large dark wood cabinets surrounding your kitchen can have a significant impact on the overall appearance. They’re taking up ample space in your kitchen. Thus, more attention and color are drawn from them. To switch things up, repaint your wood cabinets with some of the most popular kitchen colour trends to brighten up your kitchen.

You can try incorporating the colors of nature, such as yellow, light green, or white. These colors are guaranteed to bring a cheerful and positive vibe to your kitchen cabinets and the whole area.

3. Make Use Of Brighter Lights

This may sound too literal, but this one refers to your current kitchen bulbs. Check first the wattage of the bulbs you’re using as of the moment. If they’re below 60 watts, then they’re really not bright enough. Instead, replace them with bulbs that have 80 to 100 watts.

Aside from that, if you’re currently using recessed lights, replace them with pendant lights. Pendant lights can fit in any space you want to put them. However, it’s also preferable if you hang them over your kitchen island and the sink. This tip will bring your lights closer to your kitchen workspace. The closer is the light to you, the brighter your kitchen space will be.

4. Install Lights Under Your Kitchen Cabinets

With the help of your contractor, you can add under-the-cabinet lighting to your kitchen, especially if you have a cramped kitchen. They may be hidden under, but their light will stretch out in your countertops where you do your meal preparation and chopping activities most of the time.

While the light will look wonderfully pleasant in the overall appearance, it’s also very functional. You won’t have to suffer working with knives under dark and limited light. You might also want to consider adding the same type of lighting to other areas of your kitchen where you do other kitchen tasks to light that space up.

Wrapping Up

Whether you’re going for a full-on kitchen cabinet makeover or you just want to add new lighting accessories and colors, the tips above will surely brighten up your kitchen. When you’re in doubt, don’t hesitate to seek help from your interior designer. Remember that you don’t need extravagant changes to achieve a bright kitchen because, sometimes, less is more.