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4 Ways to Keep Your Jewelry Safe at Home  

4 Ways to Keep Your Jewelry Safe at Home

Do you have a lot of jewelry at home? If you have any expensive watches, necklaces or rings, you need to ensure that they are safe and secure. While you may think that you live in a nice neighborhood with not a lot of crime, this does not mean that your prized possessions are safe. You should never take this for granted.

In particular, in 2019, 1.06 billion dollars’ worth of jewelry was stolen across the country. This is a reminder that you should always take appropriate steps to secure your valuable jewelry when you are at home. Here are four ways you can do this.

Have a Home Security System

Do you have a smart doorbell or cameras around your home? If you really want to keep your jewelry safe, it is best to have a home security system in place. Not only can this keep your valuables safe but it can also make sure that your family feels secure when they are at home too.

A home security system acts as a good deterrent for anybody wanting to break into your home. They can see cameras and think they will be identified. In particular, sensor lights are a good addition to a home security system. A light will turn on when it is dark to alert you if someone is there and it can scare away thieves. In the event someone does enter your property, your cameras will be valuable evidence in the investigation. 

There are a lot of home security systems that now allow you to receive notifications and live images and videos to your smartphone. This can give you peace of mind when you are out of the house and you can keep an eye on your home. 

Insure Your Jewelry

If you have a lot of expensive jewelry, one of the best ways you can protect it is with insurance. In the event that something is stolen, you can be compensated. Of course, this does not help with the sentimental value of your jewelry. But it can offer you peace of mind when it comes to the financial side. For instance, say that you do not wear your engagement ring every day. You can choose engagement ring insurance to give you peace of mind when you leave it at home. If anything happens to it, you can receive financial help with your policy. Then you know you will not be out of pocket.

 4 Ways to Keep Your Jewelry Safe at Home

Be at Home for Services

There are going to be a lot of people that you let into your home during the day. This can be anyone from a cleaner and babysitter to a repairman and contractor. While a lot of homeowners like to leave them alone to get the job done, this can be risky. In fact, a lot of thefts happen from people you know and that you knowingly let into your home. Having jewelry around can be a temptation for someone if they think it is valuable.

Therefore, make sure that you are always at home when a service is being carried at your home. This is going to act as a deterrent for someone that might try to get away with theft. It can make them think twice about what they are going to do and that they may get caught. In addition, you always want to watch who you are hiring for a job. Read reviews and get references if they are available. This can alert you to any dangers and lower the risk of some of your jewelry being stolen in the future. 

Invest in a Safe

Most people keep their jewelry in a dresser or in a jewelry box in their bedroom. While this may seem like something you should do, it is actually very unsafe if someone was to break into your home. They would easily be able to locate where your jewelry is and get out with your valuable belongings.

There are some homeowners that try to hide their jewelry. But the best thing you can do is invest in a safe. This is going to provide somewhere safe and secure for all of your valuables, as well as money or other prized possessions. Do your research and find a safe that is heavy and sturdy so that it cannot be lifted. You may find it advantageous to look for one with a smart lock so that you can control access from your smartphone. Alternatively, to keep your jewelry outside of the home, you can choose a safety deposit box.