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5 Advantages of Using PDF Files

5 Advantages of Using PDF Files

PDF files have grown to become one of the most widely-used document formats. People now prefer to use PDFs over Word documents and paper files as they are easy to open and organize on any device. They are popular amongst professionals, university students, and even avid novel readers who prefer reading on their tablets or phones. The reason why PDF files are slowly replacing all other document formats is due to their ease as they have a lot to offer. If you’re still using old methods then it’s time to give PDF a try. Here are five advantages of using PDFs:

Security – Many industries and businesses have shifted to PDF files primarily because they can be password protected. There is sensitive and important data that needs to be kept secured from hackers and unauthorized personnel, and PDF files give you the option to do so. Moreover, you can also give limited access to users, i.e: users can only view files but not make any changes to the content.

Format – No matter who you share the file with and on which device, the format remains the same. It is easy to view and share and will not distort the components of your document. This is a major problem in case of Word files where the format goes awry if you open the file on a different version or device than what it was originally created on.

Multi-Dimensional – PDFs allow you to integrate different kinds of content i.e. images, videos, graphics, animations, 3D models, etc. without ruining the format of the document. Moreover, it also lets make presentations, reports, and portfolios, so you don’t have to rely on different software for different tasks. You can also make your documents more aesthetically pleasing by adding visuals without any trouble and transforming them into interactive PDFs.

Convenient – PDFs work efficiently on all operating systems as the format is easy to view and share. Most devices even come with built-in apps to view PDF files. However, we suggest that you use a tool like SodaPDF or Adobe Acrobat to open and edit PDF documents. It’s a free software that works very well and can make it easy for you to enjoy all that PDF files have to offer.  

Compact – The best thing about PDFs is how you can compress unlimited information into a file size that is easy to share or receive without compromising on the quality. They also take less space in your hard drive and can be shared quickly and easily. This is a great feature for industries and companies that have to manage an influx of data on a daily basis. To check how this can be done easily click here to reduce your PDF’s size.

These are just some of the reasons why PDF files are so popular. They’re right not only for businesses but for individuals as well.