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5 Best Ways To De-stress

5 Best Ways To De-stress

Imagine a situation. It’s Monday morning. You are standing in the traffic commuting to work. You are already behind schedule for this week. The feeling is unpleasant, but it is ok. You can handle that. You look at the phone, your boss calls you and demands you finish a significant project for tomorrow evening, a week before planned. The atmosphere is getting much tenser, but still, that is fine. You won’t sleep much tonight. Then comes another call, your child asks to pick them up from school because they haven’t studied for the exam they have today, frustrated yet? Probably. And suddenly a thought pops into your head. You forgot to turn off the iron before leaving the house in the morning. Oh, and have I mentioned you are getting divorced?

Crazy as it sounds, it isn’t very far from some people’s reality. No wonder, a significant part of a modern society experiences chronic stress. A study done in 2018 shows that out of 150,00 people interviewed around the world, at least a third are either stressed, sad, or angry. 

While a limited dose of stress is stimulating and helpful, constant fear leads to many unwanted consequences. It may cause health problems such as appetite issues, mood swings, sleep disorders, hormonal dysregulation, and in the worst-case scenario, even heart disease.

It’s important to recognize the warning signs and take action before things spiral out of control. A  stress test can be a useful tool in determining your stress levels and identifying potential health risks. Understanding the results of stress tests enables healthcare professionals to design personalized strategies for stress management and mitigation. By implementing effective stress-reducing techniques, individuals can minimize the detrimental effects of constant fear, safeguarding their overall well-being and reducing the risk of developing severe health conditions associated with chronic stress.

Fortunately, Hotze health and wellness center has come up with the five most effective and efficient ways to de-stress in a situation of need. Here are the suggestions.

1. Plan and organize your life

This one’s how to avoid getting into a stressful situation in the first place. It is no secret that doing things at the eleventh hour causes anxiety. Do I have enough time? Instead of googling “How to do five 1-hour tasks in 2 hours,”, plan things. Get yourself a planner and start scheduling. Make a checklist, an online table, set reminders, whatever suits you. Just make sure you know what to do and when to do it. Instead of being cluttered with unnecessary thoughts, your brain will be able to focus on what’s important. 

Try it, and you’ll see the miracles it’ll work on decreasing your life stress level. 

 5 Best Ways To De-stress

2. Exercise 

There are numerous resources out there that’ll tell you all about the benefits of exercising, so let me get to the point. Massive amounts of stress result in your muscles being very tight. Get them moving. Besides the feeling of easing the muscle tension, you will experience joy, caused by the endorphins ejection. These are the body’s natural painkillers and mood stimulators. 

If you are feeling like making an excuse for doing sports because “you don’t have the time, nor the place,” stop, no one is telling you to go hiking on a working day at noon in the middle of New York City. A simple walk is enough. However, if you’re down for something more challenging, a run, a yoga session, a dance class, or a tennis match will do just fine. Even simply dancing could be a good way to distress, and it is best paired with a LED hula hoop to enhance the level of fun.


3. Breathe 

Deeply and consciously. As simple as that. The best thing about it? You can anywhere, anytime. 

Deep breathing relaxes your internal organs. Giving them an oxygen boost helps stimulate their functions. It is extra refreshing and vitalizing.

Here is how it works:

  1. Inhale deeply and slowly. Use your diaphragm maximally. 
  2. Hold your breath for a couple of seconds.
  3. Exhale even more slowly. 
  4. Think, “Now, I am relaxed. I am capable of solving all my problems.”
  5. Repeat the sequence for 3-5 consecutive minutes.

4. Meditate

Be mindful. Train your attention, as well as awareness, and achieve a state of mind that’s clear and stable.

If the idea seems novel and you don’t know how to go about it, use some expert advice on how to meditate. 

 5 Best Ways To De-stress

5. Disappear for a while 

Literally and not. 

Changing the environment has many positive effects. Removing yourself from a stressful situation will help you clear your mind. Go for a proper holiday or a weekend getaway. Detach from your routine for a moment. 

A good idea here would be to fight your FOMO and turn off your phone. Let yourself rest for real. Trust me, even though it is hard for you to believe, your friends, children, and spouses will survive a day not being in touch with you.


Remember, it is all individual. The de-stressing techniques shown in this article should benefit you. However, the suggestion is that you try several various methods and find which one suits you best. Who knows, maybe you won’t enjoy exercising as much as you will gardening?