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5 Best Ways to Get Your Business Started on Instagram

5 Best Ways to Get Your Business Started on Instagram

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Instagram is no more just a photo-sharing platform. Over the years it has grown to become a promising portal to kick start your business. For a newbie entrepreneur, starting a business account on Instagram is simple. The tricky part is to reach out to potential clients and customers. 

Anyone, who is familiar with Instagram will know how a good follower count can boost up your business venture. But what most people don’t know is how to buy Instagram likes for their Business accounts. Opening a business does require an investment in terms of money, a well-planned strategy, and an innovative approach. 

If you have ever wondered “How to get a business started on Instagram”, we might have some valuable tips for you.  

Here are 5 Tips to Grow Your Business on Instagram:

1. Optimize your Business Account on Instagram

Just opening a business account on Instagram would do nothing. You need to optimize it in a way that would appeal to your potential customers. How to do that? Start with your bio! 

  • Give Importance to Your Profile Picture:

Your profile picture will be the first thing your audience will see. So, make that as creative and captivating as you can. If you are using your brand logo as the profile picture, make sure you are consistent across all other social media platforms. That will aid your brand recognition and also eliminate the question of credibility.

  • Write a Cool Bio:

Though a small space, your bio can tell people why they should follow you. So, make it crisp, personalized, and creative. You can use a few emojis to draw your viewer’s attention. 

  • Use Your Bio Link Wisely:

Your bio allows you to add only one link and you have to use it intelligently to make the most of it. Start by putting the link to your homepage at the beginning. Keep changing it by adding links to your business campaigns, offers, and new launches. 

  • Add Call-to-action Captions:

CTA strategies can be very contributory if you want to buy Instagram followers for free. The CTA captions will guide your audience to the clickable link and also help in convincing them to take a look at your business profile.

2. Create and Share High-quality Content

Sharing intriguing content consistently is an excellent way to buy Instagram followers for your business. Using visually aesthetic photos and videos can attract audiences to your brand and thus drive traffic to your Instagram account. Take the help of editing tools to make your content more expressive. Compelling captions are also a great tool to captivate your audience.

For strengthening your presence on Instagram, the quantity of your content is as important as the quality. You can create a content calendar so that you don’t miss important dates and can frequently engage your audience with your brand content. 

 5 Best Ways to Get Your Business Started on Instagram

3. Engage with Your Audience

Interacting with your audience is the most proven way to gain likes on Instagram.

Experts recommend you to respond to comments and mentions of your business on Instagram. 

Or you can have live interactive sessions with your viewers. This will keep your account active and also motivate your audience to connect to your brand. 

You can also use IGTV and Instagram stories to promote your business. More than 500 million people are regular viewers of Insta-stories. Endorsing your brand using short IGTV videos will allow you to reach such a huge audience at one.  

Allowing your audience to actively participate in your brand campaign can be a great way to buy Instagram followers. You can devise intriguing contests that would persuade your audience to follow your account.  

4. Leverage the Power of Your Brand Hashtag

Hashtags are searchable. Thus, they make your brand easy to recognize and your audience will be able to find you right away. You can create a customized hashtag for your brand and promote it via various platforms. The hashtag will encourage your followers to share their photos and videos that fit your brand image. It acts as a great source for user-generated content and enables you to gain engagement on Instagram. 

Our experts recommend using long-tail hashtags. They are more specific and will provide an accurate representation of your brand. Also, you should avoid generic hashtags at all costs. It will only confuse your potential clients and would be of no benefit in driving traffic to your account.

5. Take Help of Influencer Marketing

Collaborating with established influencers can be a powerful way to gain engagement on Instagram. Identify influencers and creators whose interest aligns with your brand. Come up with an agreement that benefits your brand. It will help you to create a buzz about your brand and give you access to a wider range of audiences.

If you have a small-scale business, you can team up with micro-influencers having similar domains. Though they have a relatively smaller audience, it will help to increase your brand’s visibility. This in turn will help you to buy Instagram followers in an organic way.  

You can also buy Instagram followers from several websites as most Influencers do. Several sites like Follower Packages, Famups, and Viralyft can help you with that. But the question of legitimacy always remains.


To conclude our article we want to reward our readers with a bonus tip: Tracking the growth of your business. You can use some of the best instagram growth services available online. It will help you to comprehend whether your progress tallies with your investment and how far you are from achieving your goals. You can use Instagram’s built-in analytical tool known as Instagram Insights. You can also use tools like Hootsuite Analytics, Iconosquare, and HypeAuditor for the same purpose. 

All our tips are the results of extensive research and hands-on experience which have proven beneficial to others. We are confident that our expert’s advice will help you to gain engagement on Instagram and promote your business in an organic method.