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5 Gift Ideas for Secret Santa in the Office 

5 Gift Ideas for Secret Santa in the Office 

Office Secret Santa is a fun way to bond with your colleagues and get into the Christmas spirit. It gives people in the building an opportunity to focus on something else other than work tasks and office talk, and offers an element of surprise at the Christmas function. Finding the perfect Secret Santa gift idea can be difficult, especially when you are on a budget and/or you don’t know the person very well. To help you worry less, provide you with some inspiration and enjoy the festive period, here are 5 gift ideas for Secret Santa at the office.  

Gift Cards

You can’t go wrong with a gift card at Christmas. As well as being able to set a limit, you will be able to offer the receiver of your present a choice in what they purchase, or money off their daily routine. For example, if you work with someone who really loves coffee and always comes in with a takeaway coffee in the morning or at lunchtime, then a Caffe Nero Gift Card is the perfect gift idea. You can find one here – www.giftvouchers.co.uk/giftcards/caffe-nero. 

Personalized Items

Personalizing an item is the best way to make a simple present appear more thoughtful and more meaningful. Nowadays, you can get many different types of personalized items, from wine bottles, to boxes of chocolates, to jigsaw puzzles. There is something for everyone. You could even push the boat out and make your own personalized gift, such as a Christmas decoration or homemade goods. 

 5 Gift Ideas for Secret Santa in the Office 

Office Equipment

Office equipment may seem like a boring and basic gift, but it can be a handy present that will end up being used. It could be a top up, replacement or a fancy gadget. If you want to make this present more exciting, then you can find something that is useful and funny, thoughtful or personalized. The best option for you will depend on who you get for Secret Santa and how well you know them. 

Pamper Sets

Modern day life is stressful, especially if you are juggling a full-time job and a family. If your Secret Santa recipient seems stressed, busy or enjoys looking after themselves, then a pamper set for Christmas could be a great way to help them relax and unwind when they get home after a long day. These can be in the form of bath sets, nail care sets, skincare products, or something else more suitable.

Novelty Presents

Life in the office can get very serious. If you have ended up with a colleague who loves to joke around or needs to loosen up, then you should look into purchasing them a joke or novelty present for Secret Santa. You need to be careful to not be offensive, but getting them an item that makes them laugh or smile is always appreciated and valued. If the gift is useful or something they love, then that is a bonus. 

Nothing is worse than receiving a useless present during office secret Santa. As well as being disappointing, it can be very wasteful. These gift ideas have been suggested to reduce dissatisfaction.