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5 Great Ways To Reuse Wood

Woman carving a piece of wood

Cottonbro from Pexels

Sometimes, you have no choice but to cut down a beautiful tree in your garden. Perhaps the roots have started to damage the structure of your property, or they’ve grown so big they’re blocking out the sunlight? Whatever the reason, companies like Tree Lopping Perth, are removing trees from people’s gardens every day.

But does this have to be the last you see of your once-favorite tree? Absolutely not. The wood from your tree can be repurposed into other items for your home and garden.

This handy guide will provide you with 5 great options for what to do next with your fallen tree.

A Bench

Removing a beautiful tree can be an emotional experience, especially for those concerned about the environmental impact of felling healthy trees. It can also be troubling if the tree represents happy memories – playing in a treehouse or hanging upside down from its branches. Fortunately, this emotion can be used to create something truly beautiful.

Building a garden bench from the tree’s wood will mean it stays in your garden, albeit in a new form. The tree itself was no longer serving you (you weren’t going to build a treehouse at 29 years old), but now it has a purpose more likely to suit your life today – a place to sit with a warm cup of coffee under the sun.

A Coffee Table

The coffee table has long been the center of the lounge, but buying a nice one has become expensive. Using wood from your tree to make a unique coffee table is a great option – saving you money and ensuring the wood doesn’t go to waste.

Choosing to make a coffee table from wood is also a great conversation starter. You’ll be able to let your friends know where it came from – just half a dozen meters away. What could be more sustainable than that?

 Woman screws a stool

House Number Signs

Your fallen tree could find new life as the sign on your front door. Super easy to make, you’d simply just need to create a shape and add metal numbers. 

If you have enough wood left over, why not make some for your neighbors too?

A Wine Rack

If your fallen tree is on the smaller side, there may not be much usable wood you can salvage from it. Fear not, as this is a great opportunity to recycle the wood into a wine rack. 

Wine racks are a great decorative feature and you could even paint the wood to match the decor of your home. Building a wine rack is an ideal option for those with little carpentry experience. It’s quick and easy to do.

A Bathtub Table

Improve your next soaking session by reusing the wood from your tree to create a bathtub table. It’s a great feature for your bathroom, making a space to keep a book, candle, and glass of wine.

Bathtub tables are easy to make, but remember to coat the wood with protective paint. This will stop the wood from rotting over time as a result of splashes.