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5 Instagram Influencers Who Will Help You to Become Successful

5 Instagram Influencers Who Will Help You to Become Successful

Ivan Samkov from Pexels

Everyone has an unbridled secret dream of becoming famous overnight! But living out the reverie of becoming famous is not everyone’s cup of tea. What if we told you that you could live out your fantasy simply by focusing on this step-by-step guide and gain popularity. So hang on to your camera tripods because you’re going to learn how to kickstart your path to success on Instagram. Most of the influencers prefer to buy real and active instagram followers. Take inspiration from these 5 Instagram Influencers who made it large in just no time.

Amanda Cerny 

With nearly 25 million followers on Instagram, Amanda Cerny’s name is known by almost all adults and even children. She originally became famous for her Vines and short comedy videos on various social media platforms. Her funny and peppy personality earned her huge social media following as well as her well crafted social media marketing strategy. Post her social media stardom, she has starred in various advertisements, music videos and she’s also a UN ambassador.

Zach King

Having started on social media as early as 2008, Zach King is the perfect example of persistence and hard work. He is a former Vine creator who took the internet by storm with his “digital magic” when he first began. His videos are highly creative and his content is extremely family friendly and for people of all age groups.

Owing to his “magic vines” reputation,  Zach has hit the 24 million mark on Instagram and has become a renowned Internet personality across various social media platforms.

Lilly Singh

Famously known as “||Superwoman||”, this Indian origin, Canadian internet sensation is best known for her funny vlogs. She gained popularity on social media in 2010 as a comedian and an actress and has about 10 million Instagram followers.

A self-made, inspiring woman, Lilly Singh has already made it large in the world of social media and is now the host of the show called, A Little Late with Lilly Singh. She’s the first woman of colour to have her own TV show!

Jay Shetty

We may all be familiar with his name as he is one of those people making inspirational videos on social media and setting an example for everyone to follow.

Jay has about 8.7 million followers on Instagram and his bio reads “Author, Podcaster, Coach, Philanthropist.” He has also been number one New York Times Bestselling Author for his book Think Like A Monk.

Over the years, his videos have gained immense popularity for inspirational underpinnings and he has emerged as a popular meditation and life coach. He hasn’t just touched people’s lives through his social media but also aspires to transform people’s lives through his talk show of which he is the host.

 5 Instagram Influencers Who Will Help You to Become Successful

Alexander Mijares

One of the most humble Influencers on Instagram, Mijares is a Miami-based artist who devotes much of his time to aid underprivileged children and families. He has travelled to countries like Cuba and Dominican Republic where he has helped out several children, families and schools with many resources.

He began his journey as an artist on Instagram about 5 years ago after a friend introduced him to the app. Today his artwork sells by the piece anywhere between $5,000 to $50,000. For Mijares, 98% of his sales come from Instagram which he uses to uplift those in need.

So, what makes these Instagram Influencers successful? It is almost self-explanatory; their well-thought out content, humanistic approach, unique content and persistence to name a few, are reasons behind their success.

Take a look below to find out what you should be focusing on if you want to turn out like them.

Solid content strategy

The internet is replete with content enough to last for another millennia! In this case, building a solid content strategy, researching your niche, tracking your competitors and being unique are some of things that will noticeably get you far.

Use Branded Hashtags

Using branded hashtags for your Instagram content will get you far and wide in terms of promoting your brand. Run Instagram Hashtag analytics regularly to monitor how your hashtags are doing and how you can improve them.

Engage with your followers

However small your steps may be, engaging with your user base is a crucial step to gain popularity on social media. Everybody wants a personal touch and wants to know the brand they’re following better. Respond to the DMs, comments and likes regularly to let them know you care.

Show Solidarity

It’s never too late to show some love and solidarity to your kind of people! Regularly collaborating with Influencers and promoting their content will buy you Instagram followers and a new kind of exposure. Start small by collaborating with unique and new influencers and slowly build your way up the bigger fish in the pond.

How often do you find yourself mindlessly scrolling through your Instagram feed ? Pretty often, we’re sure. Rather than casually looking through Instagram and spending hours on watching videos, it’s time to get something in return. Start following influential personalities, self-made millionaires, content creators and influencers who aspire you and drive you to do the same. Since Instagram and social media is an inevitable part of our lives, we might as well make the most of our time in analysing the people who already made it large. Start taking notes on how they started, what is their niche, their social media marketing strategy, etc. Incorporate their mantras into your strategy, post genuine content that you’re passionate about, build a network of connections and most importantly, don’t be afraid to GRIND.