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5 Instances When You Need To Hire An Electrician

5 Instances When You Need To Hire An Electrician

Electricity is as powerful as it is necessary to everyday life but knowing what to look for to ensure safe electrical work in your home or business space is invaluable. 

Should you find yourself in a situation requiring potentially urgent electrical work undertaking then the best person to help you is an Edinburgh electrician who is qualified to identify and ultimately fix your problem.

This article will talk about the five instances where you must hire an electrician & why it is vital that you appoint a fully qualified electrical expert.


You will find many DIY videos or online resources which attempt to explain rewiring, but it is highly inadvisable to attempt to undertake any such work by yourself. Poorly done attempts at rewiring can result in loss of power and in some cases electrical fire. When looking at purchasing a new  property, especially one which is more than 25 years old it is important to assess the state of the current electrical system as any changes or upgrades should be factored into working of project budgets and the feasibility and scale of the work required. It may also be a good idea in older properties particularly to try and assess the state of the electrics before any major redecoration takes place as eventual changes to a property’s electrical setup may result in huge disruption including replastering and redecoration further down the line.

Installation of additional lights

Installing new lights can change the full dynamics of how a house looks. It is fun to revamp your home every once in a while, but you know what is not fun? Trying to install lights on your own. First of all, installing a new lighting system might need some reworking on the wiring as well. Therefore, it is not something that you can fix yourself unless you are a professional electrician. Secondly, if the installation isn’t correctly done, it could create potential hazards. Why take a risk?

 5 Instances When You Need To Hire An Electrician

Short circuit

A short circuit occurs when a large amount of power is attempting to travel a substantial distance within a comparatively short period. What causes it? It occurs when both ends of a battery are joined with a conductor running low resistance. In simple words, you cannot fix it and you need to call someone who is professionally trained to work in such conditions. 

Repairing control panels

Attempting to repair or service a control panel does not come with just the risk of electrocution but also an imposition of legal fees. Yes, you did read that right. Unless you are familiar with the most up to date legal compliance issues regarding control panels then it is always best to refer to a professional electrician in such situations.. 

Electrical inspections

This is where it most distinctly draws a line and definitely requires the attention of an experienced electrician. To be a qualified inspector you either need a degree in electrical engineering or minimum job experience of 2000 hours. An electrical inspection is necessary at least once or twice in a year to keep yourself and your family from any potential hazards.