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5 Interior Design Tips to Create Your Perfect Kitchen

5 Interior Design Tips to Create Your Perfect Kitchen

As you know, the kitchen is the warm heart of your home and is used by everyone in the house. It is the multi-use area of the house that serves food, cleans, and entertains people. For this reason, the kitchen has to be functional while looking good. You can choose from interior design tips to create your perfect kitchen and maximize the purpose along with an evergreen style in the space.

There are several options that are a combination of modern aesthetics yet provide the style that will stay in trend for a long time. You can create a perfect kitchen with a blend of textures and colours that look cohesive. 

1. Natural Finishes

There is a unique appeal of wooden work that can make any space come alive with different wood colours and patterns. The main benefit of using wood is that it can be re-sanded and oiled to look like new after a few years. You can choose from different types of woods like walnut, maple, and oak. Moreover, installing wood in your bespoke kitchen is a sustainable option that is eco-friendly. 

The variation in the wooden striations and colours will enhance your countertops, making them look uniform with the floors. You can choose from light, dark, medium wood with different finishes such as distressed, laminated, glossy, and traditional. The black wood will also create a style statement with a contemporary and edgy vibe. 

If your kitchen is on the white or beige shade pattern, you can choose the light coloured wood floors and cabinets. This will give your kitchen a mid-century influence with texture and muted tones. You can play with the furniture upholstery and fixtures to amplify this even more. The rustic appeal of wood and its easy maintenance is an ideal design for any household.

 5 Interior Design Tips to Create Your Perfect Kitchen

2. Concealed Storage

There are so many appliances, pantry supplies, and crockery items that go into making a perfect kitchen. You can store and organize all this stuff better with the use of custom-fitted storage racks and drawers. These storage additions can be made under the countertops, over them, and along the walls. The key is to create a multifunctional design that serves more than one purpose.

You can make a storage shelf to use it as a décor centre for your kitchen or add your appliances for display when not in use. However, these additions will depend on individual needs and the size of the family using the kitchen. If you want to maximize the corner space, you can add curved pull-out corner cabinets that can double up for groceries as well as spice racks. Besides, you can store your wine coolers, cocktail mixes, and tin trays under them. They are easy to pull out and are functional enough to save space in your kitchen.

Furthermore, you can combine the two corner storage spaces by adding a single sliding door that pulls out. This is perfect for storing large utensils and appliances that may become an obstruction on any other open surface. Another idea is to add carousel storage racks that conveniently store everything while being accessible to everyone. You can also add custom storage drawers and units to have a dedicated spot for items in your kitchen.

3. Creating a Multifunctional layout and Furniture

You can make your kitchen more functional with the use of countertops as chopping stations, utensil storage spaces, and including inbuilt dining areas. A large kitchen island can serve the purpose of dining space for your family. Moreover, the cooked food will not be required to move and save a lot of time and effort. You may also add in-built chopping boards and strainers in your kitchen to maximize the space. 

These will also help you whip out any meal in a hurry without creating too much mess. Here are some noteworthy things to consider before planning a renovation for your kitchen. While adding such essentials to the kitchen, see that they are easy to remove and clean. The furniture and seating space in your kitchen should be free from any stain-able materials. If you have kids and pets at home, look for easy to clean chairs that are adjustable.

 5 Interior Design Tips to Create Your Perfect Kitchen

4. Bring Colour to the Kitchen

The colours in the kitchen can make or break one’s appetite and will to cook. There is a scientific correlation to colours and their impact on hunger and how inviting your kitchen looks. You can choose from bright yellow, muted brown, and pastel navy blue to create a vibrant scheme for your Tunbridge Wells style bespoke kitchen interior. If you don’t want too many dramatic changes, you can stick to cream, white, black, and greys.

To feel closer to nature, you can pick monochromatic green looks in various textures in floors, tiles, and walls. The duo-toned patterns are also a great addition to the colour scheme of the kitchen. They give the freedom to experiment with more colours in furniture and accessories in the kitchen.

5. Fitted Appliances

One other crucial aspect of the kitchen is the functionality that fitted appliances bring. Pick the appliances that are sturdy and focus on energy conservation with the star ratings. You can get an oven and dishwasher installed in the kitchen under the countertops. Pick the colours that go along with your kitchen accents and floors. These appliances will make your kitchen easy to work in and save your time.

You can also invest in a good microwave and fit it on the walls to keep the counter space free for other appliances. For coffee lovers, a coffee station with your favourite pods, coffee machine, and occasional French press treat is a must. Also, place the food processor at a safe location that is easy to clean. These appliances will make cooking less of a chore for anyone and help in creating hearty meals.

You can also get an integrated freezer in the kitchen to store the essentials and keep them fresh for longer. To maximize the space, you can also add your refrigerator to the list of fitted appliances to blend better.

Hopefully, these design ideas will inspire you to create your perfect kitchen with the ultimate functionality for everyone in the house.