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5 Potential Benefits Of Installing A Heated Floor

5 Potential Benefits Of Installing A Heated Floor

Whether your home has a ceramic, stone tile, laminate or wooden floor, you know the discomfort that a cold floor can cause whenever you step on it – particularly during the winter, as we’re all currently seeing first-hand. To avoid this discomfort, most people wear slippers when indoors. But there is a more permanent way to solve this problem: installing a heated floor system, such as those available on https://www.floorheatingsystemsinc.com/.

Fitted with electrical wires, floor heating systems come in the form of heat-conducting mats that are installed beneath the floor. They utilize thermal technology to transfer the heat to the floor, and warm the room warm by distributing heat evenly from the ground up. The beauty of a heated floor system is that it works with a wide range of floor types.

Below are five potential benefits homeowners can enjoy when they install heated floor systems in their homes:

1. Higher Energy Efficiency

With the environmental challenges facing the world today, anything that boosts sustainability in home design by curbing your carbon footprint is encouraged. Heated floor systems are an ideal solution when it comes to energy efficiency. Since they use electric systems, heated floors generate heat faster compared to conventional systems that use water, meaning less energy wasted.

They can also produce higher temperatures than traditional radiators, which reduces the amount of time necessary to keep them running for. Heated floor systems can be controlled using smart thermostats. This allows you to heat different parts of your home at varying temperatures.

2. Keeping Your Living Space Comfortable

Installing a heated floor system allows you to heat your living space evenly. They don’t leave behind cold spots in the same way as radiators do. The floors transfer the heat directly to your body. This means that even if the air in the room is cold, your body will be warm from the floor. But the cold air in the room does not remain so for long. As the heat rises from the floor, the room will quickly become warm and comfortable.

 5 Potential Benefits Of Installing A Heated Floor

3. Enhancing The Quality Of Indoor Air

You probably don’t pay a lot of attention to the quality of air in your home if you don’t suffer from asthma or allergies. However, it’s important to know that traditional heating systems like baseboard and forced air can compromise its quality significantly. These systems use air circulation to warm homes. For instance, forced air systems come with vents that blow volatile particles and dust into your home.

Traditional systems also cause surfaces to heat excessively, which burns these volatile particles and circulates them around the room. Most heated floor systems don’t use pipes and vents. Instead, they push the heat from the ground up. This makes them ideal for the quality of your air, because they aren’t pushing any toxins into it.

4. Cost Effective

Compared to traditional heating systems, heated floors are very energy efficient, which translates to reduced energy bills; this means that you’re actually saving some money at the end of each month that would otherwise have gone into paying bills. Since floor heating systems use electricity, that bill might increase marginally. However, your home heating bill will decrease significantly to compensate for that rise and you should come out on top.

But it’s not just the reduction in heating bills that makes heated floors cost effective. The cost of maintaining the system is extremely low. Once installed, most heated floors have a warranty of up to 25 years.

5. Easy To Install

Unlike traditional radiators, which are complex and require a professional to install, modern floor heating systems are easy. If you’re confident in your DIY skills, there’s no need to hire a professional to fit them. Heated floor systems also don’t occupy space, like radiators do. This means that your home will have extra space which would have otherwise been taken up by radiators.

The Last Word

Keeping your home warm can be costly, particularly when you’re using traditional heating systems. With energy bills rising by the day and the need to embrace green technology increasing, heated floor systems are providing homeowners with a workable alternative to meet their heating needs. Installed beneath the floor surface, these systems are designed to work with many different flooring materials. The systems heat the home by raising temperatures from the ground up and warming the objects as well as the people present in the room. Installing heated floor systems offers homeowners various benefits including energy efficiency, ease of installation and cost effectiveness.