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5 Reasons To Embrace Rattan This Spring/Summer Season

5 Reasons To Embrace Rattan This Spring/Summer Season

Rattan furniture had its heyday in the 19th century as families stationed in the tropics fell in love with this attractive durable furniture. It has many positive elements, including its ability to be fashioned into a variety of wicker furniture. This means its popularity and use will likely never go out of style. The following attributes make rattan attractive for the modern era:

  1. The furniture looks good both inside and outside
  2. Its light, golden color evokes a tropical paradise
  3. It can be curved and shaped into delightful shapes
  4. It is lightweight and easy to rearrange
  5. It holds up well to humidity and is resistant to insects

Perhaps most importantly, rattan looks good and offers great potential for your interior design Manhattan Beach projects. You can even look for vintage designs that reach back many decades. The ability to find interesting patterns and textures in the cushions makes this furniture highly desirable for the spring and summer season in California.

Ideas for Making the Most of the Outdoors

The beauty of rattan furniture is one option for expanding and enhancing your outdoor living space. Exquisitely crafted chairs, ottomans, tables and sofas are ideal for three-season rooms, indoor/outdoor porches, patios and decks. Through some creative shopping, you can find a variety of pieces that will delight guests. When making an outdoor plan for interior design Santa Barbara, consider these timeless principles:

  • Always use quality and attractive furniture
  • Consider a color scheme that complements surroundings
  • Incorporate landscape lighting for evenings and nights
  • Make use of stone pathways to add visual appeal

You can always bring in the outdoors to your indoor living space through the use of windows and doors. French doors provide excellent access between realms while looking nice. Large windows allow in the sunlight, but if they are easy to open and close, they can bring in breezes that carry the sounds and aromas of summer.

Interesting accessories can also add to your space in or near the outdoors. Whimsical ceiling fans can add coolness on warm days. Eclectic art pieces such as paintings or sculptures make personal statements. Interesting board games and coffee table books often add another layer to the space.

 5 Reasons To Embrace Rattan This Spring/Summer Season

Possibilities for the Rest of the Home   

Whether you are interested in small improvements or a full renovation, it is a good thing to consider your options. With timeless kitchen design ideas and inspiration, you can look forward to the kitchen you have always wanted. One opportunity is to bring the kitchen closer to the outdoors with an open design flow, allowing better access to carry food and drink to the patio or deck area.

Other kitchen design principles that never go out of style include limiting the use of bold colors, considering the classic design of Shaker cabinetry and coordinating your backsplash with the cabinets and the counters. When it comes to countertops, consider the unique look of marble or the versatility of granite.

The best lighting fixtures are both beautiful and functional, casting a soothing light over the kitchen space. Now is the time to transform your home into something amazing.