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5 Reasons to Move to Miami

5 Reasons to Move to Miami

If you’ve heard the song ‘Welcome to Miami,’ you probably imagine a bubbly, gorgeous place—one spiced with all the colors of life. Throw in the cosmopolitan beauty, and you have the epitome of a vibrant city. Visiting Miami is high up on the list of most people, but have you thought about permanently relocating there? Here are five reasons why that would be an excellent idea.

1. Excellent Healthcare

The city is home to some of the best medical facilities in the world. Specialist services are dovetailed with the latest technological trends to serve patients better. One good example is the cancer care telemedicine facility offered by clinics like Regional Cancer Care Associates (RCCA). These types of health facilities offer both walk-in and telemedicine services to patients. Knowing how critical the care of oncology patients is, a telemedicine service like this saves the hassle of continuously showing up in person when an appointment is due. By using phone calls or video conference technology, consultants can easily attend to emergency situations and carry out routine examinations.

 5 Reasons to Move to Miami

2. Artistic Architecture

Did you know that Miami has the largest collection of art deco-style architecture? It’s true. Over eight hundred of these stunning buildings, all well preserved. The effervescent allure of Miami’s traditional architecture is fused with modern styles. A reflection of this is found in Edgewater Miami Condos.

This is a 399-unit luxury condominium tower built on the beach. Apartments range from one to four rooms and are available both on sale or rent at affordable prices. These buildings come loaded with all the best mod cons and luxury features out there. Condo residents are also offered prestigious communal services like a basketball court, a picnic area, and a high-end restaurant.

The Miami Beach real estate market has a wide variety of housing options including luxury oceanfront high rise condominiums, single-family homes either on the ocean or the Intracoastal, and many less expensive condos and even relatively affordable apartments.

3. Pristine Beaches

You can’t talk about Miami without mentioning the sun-kissed gorgeous beaches. Each and every one of them dots the landscape of this city. With crystal-clear waters and an endless shoreline, it’s not a stretch to say that every beach in Miami is a work of art on its own.

South Beach is the most popular of the lot. Its eclectic vibe mirrors the essence of the city. If you don’t love the hustle and bustle of South Beach, there are many other less populated beaches in the city. These are a gem, if calm and quiet are what you’re after. The 85th street beach is one example. It’s perfect for a beautiful, discreet, family-oriented getaway.

 5 Reasons to Move to Miami

4. Perfect Weather

One other thing Miami is famous for is the weather. That’s why Florida is called the ‘Sunshine State’. The divine weather tans and illuminates your skin. The weather is further matched by the vibrant nature and colorful clothing of the locals. The beautiful thing is, this warm weather is all year-long. In fact, Miami is actually the warmest city in the United States during winter.

Here’s another fun fact: according to official meteorological records, it has snowed only once in the city’s history. This was back on January 19th, 1977.

5. Latin-American Flavor

Are you aware there is a locality in Miami called Little Havana? This is due to the large Cuban and Latino population in the city. No doubt, tacos, tequila, chicharron, ceviche, and cuban coffee is the norm. Let’s be honest, Latin American cuisine is both fascinating and tasty. Little Havana has a variety of fine dining options with sumptuous delicacies to indulge in.

However, if you’d rather order a take out, the efficient amenities and speedy delivery services are no different from that of New York. You can enjoy what Miami has to offer taste-wise from the comfort of your home.

All in all, Miami is aptly nicknamed ‘The capital of Latin America’ and it’s not just because of the cuisine. The vibrant Latino culture is engrained as the soul of the city. Cuban cigars, salsa, and countless Latino festivals further illuminate the radiance the city represents.