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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Laminate Flooring for Your House

Male worker installing new wooden laminate flooring on a warm film foil floor

malkovkosta from Adobe Stock

It’s not easy to find the perfect solution for your house’s flooring, especially when you have a family. You need an affordable option that can be easily maintained and durable so that you don’t need to change it frequently. Laminate flooring does them all, which is why most people prefer it over other flooring alternatives

Laminate floors are made from particleboard wood base, topped by an image layer and a transparent wear layer. They’re perfect for almost any type of room, besides bathrooms, as they may be prone to excessive moisture. Even if a few years ago it was only a cheap alternative for flooring, you can now find plenty of high-end options that are long-lasting and also chic. So, let’s see why you should consider laminate flooring for your home. 

It’s easy to maintain

It’s challenging to swipe and mop the floor every day, but it may become even more difficult with carpets, hardwood flooring or tiles, as they need special conditions to maintain a good shape. But laminate flooring is easy to clean and even easier to keep over a longer period. 

It’s got a stain and moisture-resistant surface coating that makes spills and other messes easy to handle. Unlike other flooring options, you won’t need wax or other varnishes to keep it looking decent, which makes it the perfect choice for any house. Plus, it’s non-allergenic, as it uses interlocking planks that prevent gaps where bacteria or mould could develop. 

Although, keep in mind not to use too much water when mopping it, as it can absorb water, making it swell. That’s why you also be wary of where you want to install it because any area that is easily exposed to water or humidity can affect the flooring’s quality. 

It’s durable 

Laminate flooring is protected by a tough exterior layer and resin coating, which makes it impact-resistant and longer-lasting than carpet or vinyl. So, if you have any pets around the house, you don’t need to be worried about scratches, as flooring can survive in good shape no matter how many dogs are scratching it. Another sign of durability is their feature of UV resistance, which helps the flooring avoid fading over time, maintaining its appearance over many years. 

Laminate flooring can last up to 30 years, but it highly depends on the manufacturer and the quality of the flooring. When shopping, look for flooring that has an extended warranty, but other factors influence the longevity of the flooring:

  • AC rating. This abrasion coefficient is graded from one to six and measures the surface’s resistance. 
  • Thickness. To make sure you’ve ensured durability, look for floors with a thickness between 8mm and 14 mm. 
  • Water resistance. This is measured with “hours of resistance”, and most of them are labelled with 24 or 48 hours of water resistance.

 Male worker cuts the laminate Board with an electrofret saw

It’s easy to install 

Laminate flooring is easy to deal with but also convenient for everyone to install! Using a quick-step, you can follow these steps to install it on your own:

  • Start with a flat, smooth and clean subflooring that you’ll cover with an underlay of foam sheeting;
  • Put the planks side by side and arrange a length of planks end to end to create a lock;
  • Put the rows from right to left until you laminate the entire room;

Don’t worry about cutting the planks, as they are thin enough for you not to mess it up. You can use a table saw, a circular saw and even a handsaw. But if you want to make custom cuts (notches or curves), it’s best to use a jigsaw. 

Don’t install your flooring laminate on an old floor. Always remove it if you see any damage or 

unevenness. It would help to lay down a thin layer of plywood to serve as a firm base before installing the underlay. Laminate floor is the easiest to install on a flat surface. 

It offers a variety of styles

Timber flooring comes in a variety of styles and products, and besides laminated flooring, it also includes:

  • Solid timber flooring. These boards come in a wide variety of colours and are generally about 19 mm thick. They can be installed over bearers, joists and concrete. It is the most durable type of them all and can be easily re-sanded to remove scratches and dents.
  • Solid timber overlay flooring. They’re about 12 mm thick and need to be installed over a solid base (concrete). It’s affordable and easy to lay.
  • Floating timber floors. They are around 3-4 mm thick, which limits their ability to be re-sanded. Thinner flooring also has less tolerance for uneven subfloors, making it easy to crack over time. Made of timber veneer over plywood or plantation pine, they’re best for cost-effective renovations and are a good choice for DIY projects. They’re the least durable flooring type. 

It’s a sustainable choice 

Although laminate flooring is not biodegradable, it’s still a sustainable choice when having to choose between other flooring options because it doesn’t result in the deforestation required to produce it. Plus, it’s an economical choice, as it’s a great investment for the future and relatively affordable. 

You won’t feel the need to replace it, as laminated flooring is quite comfortable and comes in a variety of surface finishes, from smooth and glossy to textured and matte. You can pair laminated floors with premium and acoustic underlay for greater sound reduction and stability underfoot. 

And let’s not forget that laminated flooring can add value to your house. You can achieve such value by:

  • Installing the same flooring in the house and avoiding mixing it between different areas of your home.
  • Avoid carpeting, as it’s difficult to maintain and can worsen dust allergic reactions.
  • Consider solid timber, as it has a return on investment of about 80%. 

Wrapping up

Laminate flooring is, for now, the best solution for any family, as it proves durability, it’s affordable, and anyone can install it with a bit of patience.