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5 Reasons Why Your Bathroom Needs a Water Heater

Close-up of female hand adjusting temperature of water heater

Lalandrew from Adobe Stock

A water heater is a versatile piece of home equipment. With it, you will get much better use from all the sources of water at home. When it comes to the bathroom, a good water heater will make a big difference. 

1. The Right Temperature

The best geysers in the world will come in electric or gas models. Thanks to technology, you will always have access to warm or hot water. Having the right temperature is important when taking a shower, and can significantly impact your mood. It also affects other bathroom activities like shaving, brushing your teeth or shampooing your hair. With a good water heater, you’ll spend less time waiting on the water to get hot. A faster warm temperature is still a major selling point of many brands and models of home water heaters. 

2. Reliability

A reliable water heater cuts down on a lot of problems with maintenance. When suffering from water heater troubles, bathroom faucets and showerheads will take forever to heat up the water. It will waste resources, cost you money and will affect the supply of water throughout the home. If you continue to run water from a damaged water heater, it can cause irreparable damage to the entire system. Emergency water situations can be annoying, but with reliable water heaters they are much more manageable. 

3. Environmentally Friendly

Green households will appreciate how a water heater conserves energy and water. Millions of household’s waste tons of water annually. With the help of a water heater, your home becomes more efficient in its handling of water. This is important in family homes where several gallons of water are used per day. Over the course of several years, a single eco friendly home will be considered a valuable part of the community. 

 Modern home gas fired boiler.

4. A Big Money Saver

An efficient water heater will use a lot less water and other resources, even in peak hours. This adds up to save you an incredible amount of money. In areas where gas or electric bills are high, a good water heater can make all the difference in the world. It is one less thing to budget for, and is optimized enough to ensure that your water bill is balanced rather than erratic. After a few months of use, look at a billing chart to see the difference a good water heater can make. 

5. Flexibility

Homes that decide to go for a modern water heater will have even more flexibility. Modern setups have higher compatibility with homes that have troublesome install locations. So, if your home has had issues with a previous water heater, consider updating it. A small upgrade can resolve a lot of problems related to the bathroom temperature taking longer than other areas of the home. It will take up less space than an older water heater of the same capacity, and comes with a beefier feature set for heavier use. 

Keep It Toasty

Being comfortable in the bathroom is a big deal. Instead of being an unpleasant experience, it becomes a normal part of your day. A good water heating matters, and every home should have one.