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5 Savvy Tips to Travel the World for Less

5 Savvy Tips to Travel the World for Less

Traveling around the globe is expensive. That’s far from a groundbreaking statement, admittedly. Yet when you factor in flights, accommodation, food, attraction entry fees, and everything in between, the true cost of jetting off to another country can still catch you by surprise.

Well, now’s the time to avoid any surprises and save a bundle of cash in the process. As the following tips will demonstrate, it’s surprisingly easy to travel the world for less.  

Be flexible

When you’re flexible with travel dates, many opportunities open up where you can save a giant wedge of money. 

As a starting point, try and avoid popular vacation dates. Tourism during the summer, for example, is notoriously expensive as airlines and hotels inflate their prices to capitalize on increased demand. 

The day you choose to start/end your adventure can reduce expenses. Rather than booking transport and accommodation on a weekend, do so on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. You might be surprised at the savings available by shifting your trip around by a day or two. 

Furthermore, the time of day can also play a significant factor. Rather than traveling during peak times, book an early or late flight and save instantly. 

 5 Savvy Tips to Travel the World for Less

Cheap (or possibly even free) accommodation

It’s hard to beat the feeling of staying in a luxury hotel, but the sky-high price tag usually puts a dampener on proceedings. In fact, accommodation is typically the biggest expense of a trip.

Well, it doesn’t have to be. Hostels are well-known for providing a bed to sleep in at rock-bottom prices. Airbnb delivers private accommodation options that are typically more affordable than hotels. Plus, if you truly want to save, why not look into how you can stay with locals for free?

Use cashback 

Who doesn’t like to save money without needing to do anything? Well, that’s the type of perk you can enjoy by joining a cashback platform like Kickback. 

This can be particularly beneficial for travel. You can save a small percentage on flights, accommodation, and car rental – and this can all add up into a lucrative reward. Say you book a hotel for $1,000 that offers 5% cashback. You receive $50 for doing, well, nothing. It’s a no-brainer. 

To browse travel providers who offer cashback, visit Kickback.com.au.

 5 Savvy Tips to Travel the World for Less

Arm your phone with travel apps 

In this day and age, there’s an app for virtually everything. This includes many travel-themed ones that can save you money.

Flight checkers and hotel comparison apps should be seen as a necessity. By downloading these, you can receive instant notifications for any sudden price drops on your chosen destinations. 

Furthermore, the likes of Google Maps will help you save time – and data – when exploring. There are also tour guide apps that are available. Forget about booking expensive tour guides – simply whip out your phone and learn all about your current vacation location. 

Remain loyal to a single airline

When you remain exclusive to an airline, you will receive rewards for your display of loyalty – aka air miles. As you add up those air miles, you will be able to spend them to cover flight costs and enjoy other perks. In addition to air miles, you may be able to enjoy exclusive offers for private jet charters, discounts on select hotels, and more.

While this tip isn’t for those who want immediate savings, it is one that can seriously pay off in the long-term.