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5 Things to Look For in a Zero Turn Mower

5 Things to Look For in a Zero Turn Mower

Mowing your lawn should not be something you dread, every time you look at the size of your yard. You can make it timely and effective by using a zero turn mower.

A zero turn mower is a type of mower with a zero turning radius, hence its name. This means that they can allow you to get into and out of different places, a thing most lawn mowers cannot achieve seamlessly. Thus, you end up saving loads of time on foot with a hand trimmer or a push lawn mower.

Moreover, quality zero turn mowers always have improved visibility as well as fast cutting speed. This makes them ideal for middle-sized and large yards. They are also highly durable with powerful capabilities, for long-term use.

Like all other power tools or equipment, a zero turn mower can be of use to you for a long time, if you take time to learn more about it from the basic parts, types and even buying guide. You can do this online via websites like https://homegearexpert.com/best-zero-turn-mower/ or https://www.cozydownhome.com/best-zero-turn-mower.

Well, for now here is a look at the top five things to look for in a zero turn mower.

1.   Durability

Before, you invest in your zero turn mower ensure you compare its overall level of sturdiness. This means checking the frame and deck material construction, from the steel frame design and gauge to dimensions. The basic rule is that the lower the gauge, the thicker the material, and hence high level of durability.

In addition, the protection that surrounds the rear-mounted engine can also give you an idea of its overall solidity. As reported by tool expert Bob Robinson, these zero turn mowers are great investments when it comes to lawn care, but servicing them could prove to be difficult if you don’t have the right equipment. These machines are heavy and could be damaged if you try to lift or turn them without the proper machinery.

2.   Engine Design

Affordable or inexpensive zero turn mowers tend to have a single-cylinder engine, while the expensive ones have twin-cylinder OHV engines.

Mowers with twin-cylinder OHV engines always offer more power as well as great performance when it comes to mowing than the single-cylinder engine mowers. They also make the ride smooth, less vibration.

Most commercial grade mowers have twin-cylinder OHV engines for better performance.

3.   Easy-to-Adjust Cutting Height

A mower with an easy-to-adjust cutting height can increase your productivity and make mowing less strenuous.

Different people prefer their grass cut to different heights. Therefore, look at the product specification area for a mower with easy-to-adjust height features. The most convenient options often win above all.

Therefore, look for a foot assist for extra advantage as well as a hand lever, for raising the deck quickly for short periods. Do not buy a zero turn mower that require you to get off the mower and manually adjust the deck height, as it will reduce your overall productivity.

4.   Deck construction

Deck construction matters, as it defines the outcome of your lawn. So is the deck stamped? Most residential mowers will have decks of lighter gauge steel stamped in a press, while the commercial ones are likely to have decks made of different pieces, of continuously welded heavy gauge steel material.

Stamped decks can be an ideal option for homeowners but for estates with rough terrain, they can be less durable. Therefore, a welded deck might be appropriate. Welded decks often appear on commercial grade products and are designed to withstand daily rugged use.

In addition, you should check the wheels of the mower. See if it has smaller wheels meant for raising the deck over uneven terrain. This way your lawn is not scalped and the grass not cut too short. Also, check the number of gauge wheels the deck has, and their level of adjustability that can support different grass cutting heights.

5.   Wider Tires

A zero turn mower is ideal for large yards. However, you still need to ensure it can move around your yard and the best way to do this is by looking at its tires. The wider they are, the better its performance on your big yard.

Wide tires often distribute mower weight, thus making it easier on the grass. They also improve traction for tire longevity.

Therefore, always opt for a zero turn mower with wider tires, preferably more durable four-ply-rated tires.


In conclusion, the more you know the better chance you stand at buying a quality durable product.