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5 TikTok Video Ideas To Help You Win Engagement

5 TikTok Video Ideas To Help You Win Engagement

TikTok is currently the world’s one of the fastest-growing social media platforms. This video-sharing app boasts a collection of content ranging from makeup tutorials to dance challenges. There is no limitation to the type of videos that a user can produce. Thus TikTok offers endless opportunities for TikTok influencers and brands to get creative with their video ideas. Do you know how to get a loyal real Tiktok fans base, which make your video viral? Read more in our blog. 

The way to gain engagement on TikTok begins with creating great content. In fact, one perfect way to get TikTok views is to produce how-to videos for TikTok users. For example, if you are part of a makeup company, then your TikTok influencers could do tutorials on how to get the latest makeup looks. Also read, best sites to buy TikTok views.

Are you also out of new ideas for TikTok videos? We have created a comprehensive list of some best ideas that will help to boost your TikTok engagement rates and follower count. 

1. Join hashtag challenges and create your own hashtag

Hashtags play an important role on TikTok as they are known for making millions of videos successful on the app and getting viral on other social media platforms. Many TikTok users gained popularity on the platform just by using popular hashtags.

The most popular things on TikTok are hashtag challenges. A hashtag challenge is typically a set of unlimited videos that are based on a particular trend on TikTok. You can also gain more engagement on your profile by joining those trending hashtag challenges. Make sure you add your own flair while doing a challenge video to make your video stand out.

You can also create your own hashtag that will represent your or your brand. If you gain a significant number of TikTok followers, encourage them to use your hashtag too. It will increase your brand’s visibility along with engagement. 

2. Create an educational video

TikTok is not only about dance trends and hashtag challenges. Many people visit TikTok for educational purposes such as, to learn more about the topics that they find interesting. For example- Several doctors and plastic surgeons are gaining popularity on the platform while sharing their expertise in their respective fields. They often advise their followers related to several procedures and healthy lifestyles. They also regularly interact with their followers by replying to their queries in the comment section.

TikTok is also popular among teachers for sharing their knowledge with their audience. For example, several polyglots give language learning tips and use a variety of visual effects, like captions to assist with the learning of their followers.

You might think that TikTok is just for irreverent or goofy content but it is actually an amazing platform. Users can also share informative content in an approachable and coherent format.

Socially-minded businesses, through TikTok, have an opportunity to spread their messages across mass audiences. Social media is flooded with misinformation and rumors, and it is important to counter them by being in the conversations.

5 TikTok Video Ideas To Help You Win Engagement

3. Collaborate with influencers 

TikTok influencers have mastered how to increase the number of views on their videos and their followers. They accomplish this by creating content that is both innovative and authentic. Because TikTok is filled with millions of videos, it can be quite overwhelming to arise with your own viral TikTok ideas. That is why several brands choose to partner with famous influencers, where their distinctiveness is guaranteed to attract larger audiences.

A few ways to partner with influencers on TikTok are:

  • Account takeovers- Allow a TikTok content creator to post content directly from your business account. Typically takeovers are cross-promoted on yours as well as the influencer’s account.
  • Hashtag challenges- Promote your brand’s hashtag challenge by partnering with influencers to reach their audience.
  • Endorsements- Get influencers to promote your product or brand on their own channel, as a review, or as part of a campaign.

4. Create a step-by-step tutorial

Making tutorial videos is a great idea for TikTok as they are quite prevalent on the app. Whether you specialize in beauty, hair, cooking, fitness, or any other niche category, you can benefit from tutorial videos. A tutorial video is a simple yet effective type of content as it is filled with information about a topic in just 60 seconds. For example, cooking tutorials are quite popular on the channel and typically include captions that instruct users how to cook a certain dish. These videos also contain a list of ingredients that are needed to complete a recipe.

Step-by-step tutorials gain the most engagement on every social media platform as they are informative, fun, and useful.

5. Address current events

Many people use TikTok to ignite conversations about different events taking place all over the world. Within the past year, we faced racial and political issues that dominated conversations on TikTok. For example- During the Black Lives Matter movement peak, many influencers and brands changed their profile pictures in support of the movement to the Black Lives Matter logo.

By creating and involving in conversations about current events, you’re more likely to encourage your audience to share their opinions with you. This will help in increasing your engagement and your audience will find you active in the present. People truly love the marketers and brands that talk about current issues and expect them to give their take on the situation.


The popularity of TikTok isn’t going to diminish in the upcoming years, in fact, more people will join the platform. Engagement is extremely important for a brand or influencer to grow on a social media platform and these tips will definitely help you boost your engagement. We hope TikTok becomes a worthy investment for your brand.