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5 Tips For Maintaining Your Pool Like A Pro

5 Tips For Maintaining Your Pool Like A Pro

Your pool is likely to be the center of activity during the summer for you and your family. Barbeques at the poolside, exercise laps in the early morning, and splashing with the kids whenever you get the chance are why you got a pool in the first place. Keeping your pool well maintained is the key to extending it’s longevity so you can enjoy it for a lifetime.

Pool cleaning pros can be a great resource for monthly cleaning and repairs, but a full pool service weekly can be a bit heavy on anyone’s budget. Not to worry, there are several things that you can do yourself to help keep your pool in great shape. Proper cleaning, water ecology, and regular inspections are just a part of the normal pool routine that every homeowner should adopt.

It doesn’t matter if you have a smaller above ground pool, such as an Intex, or a luxury in-ground pool designed by Neave Group if you don’t take proper care of your pool and the system equipment you can be in trouble in a hurry. A pool has a delicate balance of chemicals that help to maintain its health. If you aren’t checking your levels regularly and aren’t keeping up on things like filter cleaning, you could end up making a mess of your pool. To maintain your pool like a pro, follow these five great tips.


No one wants to swim or play in a dirty pool. But, it’s not just the desire for an aesthetically pleasing pool that should be the main reason for regular cleaning. Tree debris, leaves, insects and even pollen can collect quickly on the surface of your pool water. Heavier items don’t take long to sink to the bottom where they can do even more damage.

To prevent filter clogs, stains and pH issues, you should be using your surface skimmer on a daily basis. Doing a quick skim every time you head into the pool is also a good habit to get into. The debris that sits on the surface can easily get into your filter system and create a clog resulting in your pump having to work harder to keep up.

Regular vacuuming of the bottom of your pool can help keep it looking fresh and clean. You can use a manual pole vacuum or invest in a robotic vacuum cleaner that will prowl the bottom and sides of your pool automatically, cleaning as it goes. This can save you a lot of time, however, a thorough manual cleaning should still be done once a month.

Don’t forget to scrub the sides and steps of your pool when you are cleaning. Every surface needs to be addressed properly to help maintain healthy water quality and prevent erosion and damage.

 5 Tips For Maintaining Your Pool Like A Pro

pH Levels

The water in your pool isn’t just water. There is a delicate balance of chemicals that help to keep your pool looking and smelling fresh and healthy. You will constantly be trying to keep the levels of acidity and alkalinity in check.

The best pH level is said to be between 7.2 – 7.8. If your levels are too much above or below this range you are likely to run into water quality troubles. You can use your pool testing strips every couple of days to check what your level is at and then add the appropriate chemicals to bring the water into balance.

If your pool becomes too acidic, it can cause structural damage to the equipment, plumbing, and liner. You may also end up using too much chlorine to keep things in check and as a result, you may start to see some staining around the perimeter of your pool.

If your pool water alkaline level is too high it will appear murky or cloudy. This can leave a harmful scale deposit on all surfaces and equipment.


Your filtration system is the power behind keeping your pool clean and healthy. When your filter is not working efficiently due to blockages and debris it can burn out from working overtime.

Keep an eye on the flow rate running through your pool filters. If you notice that the rate is above 10-15 pounds per square inch it’s likely time to give your filters a cleaning. Always follow your specific filter manufacturers’ instructions for cleaning so that you don’t cause damage.

 5 Tips For Maintaining Your Pool Like A Pro

Water Level

As your pool sits in the sun, a good amount of water will naturally evaporate. It will also lose some water due to splashing. It’s important to regularly check the level of water in your pool. If the level gets too low it could mean trouble for your pumps. Make sure that the water is at least as high as the skimmers to ensure that you won’t end up with a burnt-out pump that can ruin a peaceful day by the pool.

Drain Covers

Regardless of the design of your pool, you will have drain covers on the bottom of your pool and in some cases on the sides. These always need to be checked to ensure that they are secure and in place where they should be. The suction that is created when a drain cover is damaged or removed can be hazardous and even deadly. It doesn’t take much for an arm, long hair or a bathing suit to get sucked down into a drain.

To be safe you may want to install an anti-entrapments cover to prevent tragic accidents. You can also have an auto pump shut off vacuum release added to protect you and your family.


Enjoying your backyard pool should be a joy for everyone in your family. With proper maintenance, your pool can last for many years and help you make great summertime memories.