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5 Tips To Get Your Kids Interested In Creative Activities 

Kids Sitting at the Table Doing Art and Crafts

Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

When was the last time you engaged in art? Maybe it was near a park beside your home or on a trip to the museum you went on with a relative, or back when you were in school and you had to attend the art class. Kids today have the potential to become the next generation of collectors, artists, and curators but it is the responsibility of the parents to open the right doors at the right time. You need to allow kids to discover the world of art through creativity and exploration. Take their minds off the gadgets and introduce them to the creative and colorful world of arts and crafts. Here are a few tips to help you. 

1. Let the mind wander

All of us have gone through the time when the teacher would introduce a new project in class and spend a long time explaining how should it be done. But if the teacher had let us handle the project ourselves, we might have done a better job. When introducing your children to a new craft, let their imagination run wild. You can give them guidance and instructions but let them discover and set their own rules and methodology for the project. You can get them started with all the necessary materials and leave them to run with it. 

2.  Explore the museums

The best way to inspire a child is to show the exceptional work of well-known artists. Museums are a great place to introduce your children to art but do not overwhelm them by taking them to each exhibit. Have patience and let them explore the museum at their own pace. You can ask them questions and speak to them about the pieces they love. There is a unique museum activity you can try. Get your kids to pick a favorite postcard of the work exhibited inside and then ask them to go and find it out. It will keep them engaged and interested throughout the museum tour. 

 Girls Doing Painting on Brown Wooden Table

3.  Buy craft supplies

Your children can turn anything into an unusual project, whether it is an empty box or a piece of wood. You just need to ensure they have enough paint, paper, glue, sublimation ink for Epson, colored pens, and crayons. Give them a few empty boxes and this is all they need to open their world of imagination or the make-believe gallery. You must always keep an eye out for interesting materials and buy items that can be used for different projects. 

4.  Add context to it 

Art often becomes inaccessible for kids and an easy way to get them interested is to relate it to something they are very passionate about. If they love cartoons, you can suggest a project that incorporates their interest and they will dive right in. Again, if your child is a nature lover, you can suggest a project that involves nature and they will be happy to do it. Understand the likes and dislikes of your child and then suggest a project that piques their interest. 

5.  Join them 

Join the gang and have fun with your children as you work on a group art project. If there is something that might seem difficult to them, tackle the difficult assembly and leave the decoration to them. You can also take out time to appreciate the unique touches to the project and help build their confidence. Even if you have little to do, they will love having you as a part of the team and will enjoy working on the project. No matter the type of project they have taken up, your support and assistance will go a long way.

It is easy to get children interested and engaged in arts and crafts if you do it in the right manner. Do not push them into something they are not interested in. But, show them the world outside and let them decide what they want to pick up from there. Head to museums, art shows, and fun events where they get a chance to learn and understand different perspectives of art and crafts. Your children do not need to take up a heavy project or engage in a form of art that takes up long hours, it could be something as simple as painting a wooden box or crafting something from the materials they can find at home. Arts and crafts can help build creativity, boost mood and open new avenues for them. No matter the age of your child, it is important that you get them interested in creative activities and they will appreciate your efforts when they grow up. Every child has different preferences and interests but as parents, you need to open their minds and give them space to explore.