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5 Top Tips To Modernize Your Front Yard

Single-family house with black facade

Are you looking for ways to boost your home’s curbside appeal? Perhaps you want to make it more appealing to potential buyers? Whatever your reason for updating your home’s exterior, the front yard is often a good place to start. Read on, for our 5 top tips to modernize your front yard. 

Update Your Mailbox

Updating your mailbox is one of the simplest ways to modernize your front yard. There are so many attractive styles to choose from, you needn’t be doomed to your outdated mailbox any longer. 

If you live on a property that is a shared residence, you may want to consider a dual mailbox post. This is the ideal solution to the problem of a front yard cluttered by multiple postboxes, as they are continued in one unit. 

It also looks far neater when the mailboxes are custom-made to match each other, but also tie in with your outdoor decor.

Pave Your Garden Space

Don’t be disillusioned if you have only a small front yard/garden space. Pavers are an economical, low-maintenance, and modern solution to the problem of grass-free garden spaces.

For a modern, urban look with a traditional feel, opt for a design that mixes pavers with patches of grass and potted “flower beds”. And for an even more fuss-free and water-wise solution, substitute artificial turf for real grass.

Artificial turf can look incredibly realistic, especially when mixed with other elements in this way. It will introduce a splash of vibrant green without all the hassle of maintaining a lawn and can be cut to measure any space.

 Entrance of a recently renovated house

Make A Statement

Make a statement with some stylish garden or patio furniture. A small table and a couple of chairs won’t take up that much space but will create a big impact. 

They will be put to good use in the summer, when entertaining a guest, or just for relaxing outside with a sundowner and taking in the fresh air.

The choice of materials is endless, but metal garden chairs always look modern and fresh. Pair these with some vibrant cushions in a funky check or floral print, or a bold hue.

Be Chic And Eco-Friendly

With the trend for more sustainable and eco-friendly living, we know you will appreciate this next tip. Being environmentally friendly doesn’t mean you can’t introduce some glamor to your outdoor spaces. 

Install some stylish solar-powered outdoor lights, and you will not only be making the responsible choice, but you’ll increase your nighttime outdoor entertaining options too. Outdoor lighting is also essential for safety and security. 

With so many reasons to go solar, you’ll be pleased to hear of one more. You’ll save money long-term, by using the sun’s rays as your renewable energy source. This is why more and more homeowners are incorporating solar panels and other solar-powered devices on their properties.

Build A Wooden Deck

Calling all you intrepid DIYers. Building a wooden deck is a lot easier than it sounds, and is a fun DIY project for the weekend.

Do you yearn for an elegant yet minimalist patio area where you can entertain guests on summer days? Do you long for the perfect setting for your potted plants and a comfy deck chair? A wooden deck is an answer!

Just bear in mind that you will need a fair amount of woodworking skills to get the job done right. If in doubt, hire someone to do the job. It will be money well spent, as a well-built wooden deck will instantly add value to your home.