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5 Trends in Kids Fashion in 2021

5 Trends in Kids Fashion in 2021

Parents are fond of dressing their kids. And a lot of them prefer buying outfits that are trendy in the current season. Besides, kids grow fast, therefore the need to renew their wardrobe is regular. 

If you are not too eager to follow all the current fashion trends, you can find the best online boutique of clothes for toddler girls and boys and purchase outfits here. Such stores regularly update their collections so, your little one will be in trend. If you are interested to know the tendencies in 2021, here are the five of them.

1. Futuristic Fabrics

The trend for the use of high-tech, futuristic fabrics was quite high last season and continues to be popular in 2021. Fabrics with a metallic, holographic, vinyl coating are relevant. During Haute Couture weeks, designers showcased the possibilities of lacquer-effect materials and metal foil usage to reflect the personality that the younger generation is striving for. 

The rainbow and holographic colors create a cosmic effect and uplift the mood. Metallic fabrics are in trend, however, in this season, fashion designers rely on non-ferrous metals (green, blue, cappuccino). Gold and silver remain trendy, however, the priority is on the color variety side.

2. Mixing Fabrics of Different Textures

The combination of fabrics with lacquer and modern jacket fabrics cause different sensations, look interesting and unusual. New fabrics and combinations should be included on the list of important trends, as they open up the possibility of creative experimentation.

 5 Trends in Kids Fashion in 2021

3. Actual Colors

Bright, juicy, deep shades prevail in the 2021 season. The development of computer games has influenced the world of fashion. The border between reality and the virtual world is blurred. 

  • Digital, acidic colors will be key while saturated, neon colors will create a futuristic effect. 
  • Black is also included in children’s fashion. An uncertain future leads to long reflections on a dark night. Black is the color of silence, alluring attractiveness, and restraint. 
  • Fashion designers define red as the second most popular color of the season. Moreover, all its shades from scarlet to burgundy. It is included in the wardrobe of not only girls but also boys. Unlike black, red symbolizes rebirth and an uncontrollable spirit, which is so characteristic of children. 
  • The next relevant color is purple. It ranges from pastel lavender to deep purple. Dressed in a light purple outfit, the child seems like in a fairy-tale world. The romantic image will inspire new achievements and belief in miracles. Purple will harmoniously fit into an urban, dynamic style. 

4. Oversize

Unlike previous seasons, the oversize will be restrained, the volume of outfits will be accentuated. We are at the stage of freedom and emancipation in everything, including clothes. Oversize is exactly what gives comfort, practicality and does not hinder movement.

5. Blocking by Color

The so-called color blocking, the use of a contrasting color of the fabric in any details of the product, has long been present on the catwalks in kids’ fashion. This season, designers have decided to accentuate the details of the clothes, adding contrasting piping on various elements – on the collar, shoulders, plackets, and flaps.