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5 Ways To Customize A Metal Building

Roof of metal building

Wood and concrete are the most preferred material for residential and commercial buildings. However, with modern engineering, metal has become popular because of its benefits. Whether you’re building metal storage facilities, garages, or commercial retail spaces, your metal building shouldn’t have a cold, bare, and generic-looking structure. This is because metal buildings are fire-resistant, durable, and highly customizable.

You can keep your metal building from resembling an old barn by adding various features and personal touches that suit your specific needs. Effective customization and enhancement tend to improve the work environment, expand the visual appearance, and increase productive tasks in the workspace. We’ve outlined ways to customize your metal building to achieve an outstanding look to help you get the barndominium of your dreams! Read on to learn more.

1. The Building Profile

Basic metal buildings like metal carports, garages, storage facilities, and other commercial spaces are rectangular, and you don’t have to settle for this. To break the monotony, consider adding smaller frames to help the main structure pop out. These extensions fit best along the end walls or sidewalls. The minor frame additions add not only structural appeal but also make good drop-off points, particularly in churches, manufacturing plant offices, or customer lobbies in repair shops.

Metal building owners customize and add square footage by connecting smaller metal frames. Doing the opposite creates visual interest. To break the monotony of the rectangular or box-like profile, recede an exterior wall under the roofline. However, fix the exterior wall at the last steel frame instead of fixing it farther back under the roof.

2. Customize Your Roof

The roof is a crucial aspect to consider when customizing your metal building. Unique modification to your roof automatically changes the appearance of your metal building. While many metal buildings usually have a simple, low-pitched gable roof, that’s not the only roofing design for metal buildings.

Depending on the height and size of your roof, you can customize your metal roof panels. Customization can include selecting an A-frame, a roofing option resembling that of a home, a vertical roof with sheeting placed vertically, and a standing seam steel roof. These roofing options can further be customized using added vents and windows. You can also incorporate other roof customization designs like awnings and overhangs as they add curb appeal, provide shade, and protect your employees and visitors from various elements.

 Cluster of metal buildings

3. Design Your Doors And Windows

Customizing the entrance of your metal building impacts the look and productivity of your building as it’s the first thing that customers and visitors see. For metal buildings with single-door entrances, depending on the need for moving items and the amount of foot traffic, you can customize the door by widening it. You can also choose from various door options like roller, canopy, French, double, sliding, embellished, and overhead doors.

Windows are often overlooked when customizing your building. If you want a more traditional look for your metal building, settle for residential windows. Fixed glass windows are easy to install, effective, and preferred for providing enough light into the building and their heightened security. Your windows can also be customized to complement your building’s design or another outbuilding by designing them in the correct shape, size, and color.

4. Use Color Wisely

One of the easiest ways to customize your metal building effectively is by painting or adding colors. The benefit of using colors is that it makes your building look unique since it has limitless options, meaning you design your building as you desire. You can decide to paint or color the metal building using your company’s color theme.

While steel color also gives a nice look, the appearance can sometimes seem bare and boring. Despite the color choice, customizing your metal building with colors gives a unique and outstanding look.

5. Customize The Exterior

Your exterior is the most visible aspect of your metal building. Many people avoid metal buildings because of the belief that metal looks cold, bare, and clinical. These people don’t realize that there are dozens of exterior customization options for metal buildings.

Aside from colors, other options for customizing your exterior are using finishes like brick, wood, concrete block, stucco, cement board, or glass. You can use the finish alone or be creative and mix and match options to control the final look. You can also incorporate wainscoting to improve the curb appeal of industrial or commercial metal buildings. Wainscoting offers contrasting color or texture to the lower sections of your exterior walls.

Bottom Line

There you have it! Those are some of the best ways to customize your metal buildings. We hope the above information helps you through your next customization project. If you’re ready to get started but still unsure which designs to settle for, consult with the experts for help.