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5 Ways to Design Your Instagram Posts for more engagement

5 Ways to Design Your Instagram Posts for more engagement

Instagram is the global leader in the photo and video sharing market. Since its inception, the social media platform has grown by leaps and bounds. It has become the platform where people idealize their life and brands market their products. However, owing to the cut-throat competition, newcomers have a tough time establishing their presence. But, you don’t need to fret over anything as we have uncovered 5 Ways to Design Your Instagram Posts for more engagement. These are 5 secret growth hacks that will take your Instagram account to the next level. Incorporate these tricks to get high traffic, Clickthrough Rate (CTR), and improved engagement on Instagram. If you are looking for a shortcut to grow your account, you always have the option to buy Instagram likes. Dive into the ocean of opportunities to get new followers on your Instagram accounts.

1. Instagram Feed Post Format Hacks

Well, Feed Post is the place where your post takes off the action flight. You must decide on the type of Post Format. Instagram offers the freedom to post photos, videos, or carousels. The Instagram algorithm doesn’t favor one format over the other. Just go with the flow or create videos or photos according to the taste of your audience base. While the first two formats have individuality, the third one is a combination of both. Carousels are ideal for increasing your exposure and engagement on Instagram. Even if a user ignores the first image, he will see the second one whenever he logs in again. Hence, take advantage of this to get new followers on your Instagram accounts

2. Content Hacks

Now that you have decided the type of post, it’s time to curate an aesthetic and visually appealing creative. Let’s have a glance at the components that should not be missed out.


You must be wondering what color has to offer on Instagram? Fortunately, color psychology works the same way on social media as it does in business. This implies primary colors like blue can have a positive impact on engagement. Apart from this, you can go for a minimal or muted background. This will enable your post to stand out in the feed.

Live Subjects 

Showing posts depicting connection with people can have a positive impact on your audience. Showcase a person using your product as the human component will boost your engagement.

Use Text Overlays in Instagram Feed Images 

You can take advantage of Text Overlays to provide context to your images. This will intrigue your fans and get their attention so that they pay attention to your caption. 

 5 Ways to Design Your Instagram Posts for more engagement

3. Caption Hacks 

Well, a caption is a place where most Instagram marketing happens. It is the backbone of your engagement and drives conversions. For best results, you must write an engaging first sentence. To enhance it further, it is advisable to use capital letters and emojis. Another way to make your caption look appealing is by putting it to the photo. For this, you may use Pixelied’s caption tool. Never forget to add relevant and trending hashtags to gain more exposure to your content. This trick will bring new followers to your Instagram accounts.

4. Feed Post Branding Hacks 

Branding is not only the game of the superior, it is a domain of the curator. Yeah, you read that right! Let’s have a brief overview of the ways.

Use Similar Filters in your Instagram Images

The best tip here would be to use only two or three Instagram filters. Choose the ones that are similar and consistent across the color spectrum. Whilst selecting a particular colored filter, ensure the remaining ones are of the same tone. As a bonus tip, use colors that let consumers comprehend your brand. For instance, if you deal in food, use high contrast colors, or if you sell antique products, give images a similar look.

Avoid using Watermarks 

Rather than using a watermark or logo in your images, remain consistent with your brand. Too much usage of the logo may not be appreciated by the audience. 

Use Unique Camera Angles 

A perfect photoshoot goes a long way to impress your existing and potential customers. A unique camera angle such as crouching down, shooting at a slight angle, etc. will provide the connection that people can develop with your brand. Use these techniques to get Instagram followers on your accounts.

5. Hashtags- Your best friend for engagement

Well, you already know the high reach and exposure that a hashtag can provide. We recommend using hashtags that are niche-specific and pertain to your context. Even general hashtags may bring a high degree of engagement to your Instagram post.

In the end, what matters is the result that your employed efforts bring. Hence, ensure that you follow these 5 tips on how to grow an Instagram account organically in an effortless way.