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5 Ways to get more Engagement on your Instagram Profile

5 Ways to get more Engagement on your Instagram Profile

Instagram is the best video-sharing platform in the world. With billions of users around the globe and a million-hour watch time, it is the ideal social media space for talented individuals and businesses. However, certain factors may slow down your growth and thwart you from reaching your desired level. You may have wondered for hours thinking about whether this platform is only for celebrities or entrepreneurs. But, wait! We have finally found a solution to your problem. This solution is in the form of 5 techniques that will flip your game and take you to the top. This article encompasses 5 tips and tricks that will increase your engagement on Instagram and result in a high Clickthrough Rate (CTR). All these tactics are proven by industry experts and present a foolproof method for organically boosting your account growth. Take advantage of these techniques and reach the trending section on Instagram.

Test novel content types

If you have run out of options, it’s time to adopt a hit and trial approach. We recommend testing out-of-the-box ideas and unique content. This includes but is not limited to Stories, Reels, gifs, Highlights, and IGTV. A content strategy and calendar are ideal for fulfilling this requirement. Get ready to experience the ultimate engagement boost with a mix of high-quality content. For more growth, we recommend memes, quotes, customized infographics, or an appealing video. Think something out-of-the-box such as behind the scenes and some unique facts about your products and post them accordingly. These experiments will enable you to get a knack for what works best and take you ahead of the learning curve.

Stories Stickers 

This Instagram feature is extremely tempting and goes out of the way to increase engagement with more views, likes, comments, etc. Stories Stickers allow your followers to converse and share their experiences with you. Go ahead if you want to hear more from your fans. This is highly applicable for brands or businesses that want to establish a huge presence on Instagram. Spark an interesting conversation today with Instagram Stories Stickers. Instagram offers three types of stickers namely question, quiz, and countdown stickers that serve different purposes.

 5 Ways to get more Engagement on your Instagram Profile

Save content and you save your day

Creating Saveable content for your Instagram feed will let you sit back and relax while watching your engagement taking a boost. Curate content according to your audience so that they are encouraged to save it. For best results, you can use carousel posts and share valuable tips with users. Start developing unique content that convinces your fan to press the save button. With time, Instagram Saves have become engagement indicators for your brand. Multiple tricks will enable you to gain more saves. You can leverage infographic-style images, write long & captivating captions, develop evergreen content and create Instagram Quotes. Nevertheless, this should relate to your niche. This tactic is invaluable and can become your parameter for Instagram account growth.

Focus on Videos 

Video marketing has revolutionized the way online business promotions work. Companies these days have taken to social media to promote their offerings digitally. Accordingly, video content has become one of the best ways to increase your engagement on Instagram. If incorporated strategically, videos can prove to be a boon in the long run. You can choose the best video size though we only recommend the vertical and square types as these are ideal for all devices. Videos have a high reach & demand and therefore provide you robust growth in a short time frame. You can research the audience in your niche and find out their interests. If there is a time limit and you require urgent engagement, just take ideas from other big players.

Eye-catching captions 

Increase engagement on Instagram with the help of long, detailed, and attractive captions. Captions go a long way to impress your fans. Salient features of a perfect caption include audience research, optimum length, right keyword placement, branded hashtags, mentions amongst others. Don’t forget to add a call to action for convincing the audience to like, comment or share. Most people are still not acquainted with the maximum 2,200 character length of an Instagram caption. This factor is extremely crucial and affects the performance of your post. The average caption has almost doubled in the past few hours and the trend is ongoing. You can share some intriguing facts in the captions to let the show go on.

We hope these strategies will bring fruitful results for your brand, business, or personal account. Ensure that you have the required resources before starting. Understand each section thoroughly to dive deeper into its possibilities for growth and innovation on Instagram. Likes, comments, shares, and mentions are waiting for you. Start today and be the proud owner of a successful Instagram account.