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5 Ways to Give Your Yard a Festive Atmosphere

5 Ways to Give Your Yard a Festive Atmosphere

Whether you’re expecting guests or just want to have that special time with your family, adding some festive atmosphere to your yard is quick, easy and affordable. Here are some simple tips that can make your social or family event truly memorable. Are you ready to party? Let’s make it happen!

1. Make it Twinkle, Shine and Sparkle

Think about your favorite social venues. Adding light makes for a festive atmosphere and adds magic to nighttime scenes. An LED rope light or two laced through trees for ethereal effect or laid along pathways to indicate the scene of the action can make for a total transformation. For a down-to-earth atmosphere, place candles in glass jars with a little sand at the bottom or go the extra mile with a little glass paint for a stained-glass lantern effect in minutes. Brighter flares and lamps belong near the spots where people will gather, and who doesn’t love a good bonfire? Just be sure to keep fire safety in mind.

2. Add A Touch of Magic to Garden Features

Whether it’s a statement plant, a gazebo, or a piece of garden statuary, every garden has its focal points. For nightime events, lighting them up adds drama that’s absolutely unmissable. Spotlights, or even your ordinary garden solar lamps will help to illuminate the marvels your garden has to offer and will lure folks on a journey to the spots you want them to see and enjoy.

3. Chill Out or Dance

Think about the spaces you and your family or guests will enjoy on your special occasion. A chill-out space allows for quiet chats while relaxing against comfy cushions. Lighting should be mellow and the music shouldn’t be so loud that you need to shout. A secluded corner with rugs, cushions, and candle or firelight fits the bill.

But when we dance, we’re in another mood altogether. We want vibrant colors, music our feet can’t resist moving to, and a far “busier” look. Use neon colors and color-changing lights to get the party atmosphere you need.

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 5 Ways to Give Your Yard a Festive Atmosphere

4. Dine in Splendour

What gathering is complete without good food? Dining areas should be the middle road between your party spaces and the chill out niches you create. Lighting should be warm and mellow, but bright enough to allow people to enjoy the rich colours of the food you serve, each other’s faces, and to prevent them from having to grope for eating utensils once they’re ready to dig in. 

While scattered cushions are good for chill out spaces, you’re looking for tables and chairs here, and there are tons of ways to make even the simplest ones look festive. Try draping chairs with fabric and dress your tables with white linen for formal occasions. Or go down-home with bright red and white checks – dressing up your dining area can be quick and easy too.

5. Design Your Festive Outdoor Space Like a Home

Your garden is an extension of your home, not just a setting for it. If you’ve used smart garden design principles, you will already have a series of outdoor “rooms” that just need a little livening up to get the festive message across. If you find yourself dealing with a homogenous space, and find yourself struggling to divide it up into purposeful spaces for your celebration, it’s time to reconsider your garden. 

Outdoor celebrations should be even easier to prepare than indoor ones. So, if you find yourself needing a bit more than ambient lighting and a few creature comforts to create a festive feeling (i.e. adding some yard signs), it’s time to rethink. Use our guide to festive outdoor styling to create the spaces you need for play, relaxation, and fine dining.