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6 Design Tips for The Empty Corners in Your Living Room

6 Design Tips for The Empty Corners in Your Living Room

The recent pandemic lockdown has certainly made us appreciate our homes more. We practically live all of our days at home waiting for better days to come. Our living rooms have become our make-shift office, our entertainment hub, our social club, and our book club, so there is a new appreciation for the living rooms in our lives.

Even before the pandemic hit, Americans spent over four hours of their awake hours in the living room, which translates to 28% of the time. As such, it is only natural for us to want to spruce up the living room and optimize every corner.

Speaking of corners, have you noticed how most living room set-ups are centered around the central gathering point of the room?  This leaves some corners neglected and unused.

Every good designer will tell you that optimizing corners can add a whole new dimension to the use of your living room.

Let’s explore some design tips on how you can fill the empty corners of your living room.

Seating for the View

In some living rooms, the empty corners could be facing a window with a great view.  If you have such a lucky corner, fill the corner with seating.

Put a lounge chair or a club chair in the corner facing the view. Some sectional (or modular) sofa systems can also provide different sections that can be configured into different seating plans. If you have such a sectional sofa, consider putting a corner section of the seat in the corner of your living room.

Sectional sofas have come a long way from the 90s oversized looks. Some European manufacturers have designed slick modern leather sectional sofas with clean lines and reclining systems. 

This idea could turn that corner into your favorite morning coffee spot on lazy weekends.

 6 Design Tips for The Empty Corners in Your Living Room


There is no denying that the recent pandemic will shape our lives for many years to come. Some of the changes brought in due to the lockdown could be here for good. One such change was the work-from-home directive. Working from home could be a permanent fixture for modern knowledge jobs.

If the empty corner in your living room provides a substantial space, you could turn it into a mini workstation. Add a writing desk and a comfortable chair to  create a workspace.  

Keep it simple and minimalist, and be sure to not have any clutter of a regular workstation in that corner desk.  


If you have a corner in the living room that doesn’t quite fit a chair or a reading desk but still needs filling, consider adding some artwork.

Large, standing dramatic sculpture pieces could go very well with the lines of the corner. Hanging some art on the walls of the corner is another great option to help you achieve visual interest.

Adding an art corner will give a new dimension and a new depth to your living space. After all, what better way is there to adorn a masterpiece you collected (or created) than to give it a corner of its own!

Dramatic Lighting

You must have heard of the importance of lighting in interior design. Lighting can be used to add depth and visual interest. A beautiful arc floor lamp can be a piece of art in itself. Some lampshades add a design pattern that reflects off the walls. Birdcage lamps and gemstone lighting are some options as well. 

Consider something that not only illuminates but also creates a dramatic light effect. The right dramatic flair of the lighting pieces could make the corner a design focal point.

 6 Design Tips for The Empty Corners in Your Living Room


The health benefits of introducing greenery and house plants in your living space are well-known. The air purifying properties of the plants and the zen calming effect the plants have are great for our wellbeing in the home.

An empty, well-lit corner in your living room could be a perfect place for potted greenery. Consider a large dramatic green plant with visually interesting leaves. Have fun with the pottery the greenery will be potted in.  

Large ceramic or earthenware could also add visual interest to the corner. For those of us stuck in our high-rise condos during the pandemic, a touch of the outdoor greenery indoors is a breath of fresh air!

Smart Storage

We can never have enough storage. Ask even the most organized amongst us, and they will tell you they wish they had more storage in their homes.

This is where your empty corner in the living room comes handy. 

Put in a nice bar cabinet to showcase your cocktail glassware and make the corner a bar area. That should guarantee that your guests will congregate to this once forgotten corner!

If you like to read, a bookcase to showcase your finest collection could be a great use for an empty corner.

You can also put side cabinets, sideboards, and consoles to accommodate a ton of smart storage space. For visual interest, pick ornate pieces that can double as art pieces as well as storage.

You will be pleasantly surprised by how quickly you can fill the newly created storage space.

Final Thoughts

Your home is your sanctuary, your safe space for you to nest and protect yourself from all the elements, stress, and viruses of the outdoor world. The recent pandemic lockdown has shown how important it is to have a safe and happy home.

For many of us, we have been reminded that the living room can serve so many more functions than just a TV spot. From work, to social and virtual gatherings, your living room is there to give you hours of enjoyment and productivity. You have become a pro at making the most out of one of the most inhabited spaces in your home.

Your sanctuary is very precious, so don’t leave any stone unturned or any corner unexplored.  Use those beautiful corners of your living room. Showcase your art collection, create a cocooning nook to curl up with a book, or make it your cocktail hour corner.

Who knows what creativity lies ahead just around that corner!