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6 Design Trends For The Dubai Summer

6 Design Trends For The Dubai Summer

Style is a word that is synonymous with Dubai. Whether it be fashion, architecture, or interiors, there is plenty of pioneering design paving the way for the rest of the world. Luxury and opulence are rife in the emirates so upping your style game is important if you want to keep up with the crowd. If you love interiors and want to update your Dubai home for summer 2021, check out our tips below!

1. Start With A Deep Clean

Dubai summer is dusty! Before redoing your space you’ll want to ensure it’s as clean as it can be. Enlist a professional and hire house cleaning services in Dubai to help you get a fresh base. This will mean that any painting or decorating you do will be on as unblemished a surface as possible.

2. Bold Walls

Bright equals beautiful this summer so add some color to your walls. If you’re feeling brave add large, patterned wallpaper. Think maximalist geometrics or daring florals and don’t be afraid to paint the other walls in clashing colors. If you’re not a fan of papers, opt for a paint color like hot pink or russet red to really make a statement. 

3. Velvet Wonder

If you could turn the city of Dubai into a fabric it would be velvet! Lavish, extravagant, and opulent, this fabric will be everywhere in summer 2021. Add a velvet couch to your living room in a dark, rich tone such as emerald green or a sumptuous purple. Adding velvets will give your space a luxurious vibe. If you already have a couch you love, think of getting full-height velvet curtains which will add a ton of glamour to the room. Make sure these are only added to spaces with air conditioning as thick curtains often add heat.

 6 Design Trends For The Dubai Summer

4. Sleek Marble

Known for being a staple of the wealthy, marble is a grand material. Used in palaces and expensive sculptures alike, adding to your home will make your home super chic. Use on kitchen worktops and bathroom sinks or if you need a more cost-effective option buy a marble plinth to display accessories such as vases. 

5. Stunning Lighting

Nothing says glamour more than a beautiful lighting fixture. Traditionally an elegant glass chandelier would be the most stylish option but this year there has been an increase in popularity of contemporary and modern lights that are more object d’arts . Add a low pendant over kitchen islands or dining tables to add some wow factor to your room and create a conversation piece.

6. Gold Accents

Gold is most definitely the most popular option for metals this summer. Switch up your kitchen cabinets for a small pop or if you’d prefer to make more of an impact buy a gold coffee table. Be sure to coordinate with your other pieces of furniture by adding accent chairs with gold legs or gold picture frames on the walls. 

Are you planning on redesigning your home this summer? Let us know your design plans in the comments section!