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6 HVAC Tips to Save Money on Your Summer Energy Bill 

6 HVAC Tips to Save Money on Your Summer Energy Bill 

Those summer cooling bills are rolling in, and many people wonder why they are paying so much just to keep the scorching temperatures at bay. What if you were told that there is a way to slash those bills and keep your comfort intact.

Ways to Save on Air Conditioner Costs

Sadly, many people are paying too much for their heating and cooling costs because of careless mistakes. You can do a few things that can save you hundreds of dollars each year of your climate control expenses. If you’re wondering what you can do to help, then here are six tips you should try. Don’t you want to read the full article? Check out https://conardcomfortconsultants.com/ to get a quick solution to reduce your summer energy bill.

Replace the Relic HVAC Unit

How old are your furnace and AC unit? Do you even know the year it was installed? Perhaps, you bought your home, and the previous owners took care of that aspect. Your higher than average cooling costs may be associated with an ancient system that isn’t energy efficient.

Over the past two decades, things have drastically changed in the heating and cooling industry. When you buy a unit now, you will see something like Energy Star efficient and a SEER rating. Both things mean significant savings for you. First, a SEER rating is an average cost of how much it will cost you to run the system.

The higher the SEER rating, the more money you will save. Second, an Energy Star logo is essential because it means that this unit is designed to save you money. Did you know that you can get tax deductions for buying an HVAC unit that is Energy Star efficient?

If you’re regularly replacing parts on your older unit or know that it’s more than 15 years old, you should get some quotes on having it repaired. A new unit will pay for itself in savings in no time.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Most households play a game when it comes to heating and cooling. The parents come in and turn the thermostat one way, and then kids come in a turn it another. If only every room had a comfort setting, but individualized comfort is not feasible in all homes.

A programmable thermostat helps to keep your home at a standard temperature. If the outside is warmer than average, then the system will meet the demands. You cost yourself a great deal of money if you are always turning the unit up and down. It might also be advisable to put it behind a lockbox if you have children that still want to mess with your thermostat.

It’s better to turn the unit to a higher setting at night and keep things cooler during the day. Since you’re asleep at night and not moving around, you don’t need your HVAC unit to put out as much energy. Also, when the sun is down in the cool of the night, it can help you save on energy costs.

 6 HVAC Tips to Save Money on Your Summer Energy Bill 

Change Air Filter Frequently

Your air filter keeps impurities from dispersing through your vents. Most units require that they be changed every 30 days, though there are some exceptions. Make sure you keep your filter changed so that your system is operating at top efficiency. You will be surprised at what a clogged filter can cost in energy consumption each month. 

Open and Clean all Vents

While you may want to shut off rooms and vents in the winter, they need to be opened during the summer. Make sure there is no dust and debris in these vents, either. If you need ductwork cleaning, it’s essential to help save on utility costs. Are your vents all open and blowing freely? If not, you’re throwing money out the windows. 

Run the Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can help you to cool down a room. Since hot air rises, the fan will bring it down to the surface where it can be cooled. You can reverse the fans for winter use too. A fan helps to circulate the air, plus the gentle breeze is always welcomed. It would help if you had a good circulation in your home so that the cool air is continuously moving about you. Plus, you can reduce your heating and cooling expenses when you use these fans. 

Clear the Debris from Your Unit

Your HVAC unit has a box that sits outside that houses your condenser and evaporator coils. It’s the part that does the magic and turns your warm air into a cold breeze. However, because it sits out in the elements, shrubs and branches can get around it and even clog the coils. Did you know that dirty coils can cause your system to use up to 30 percent more energy than usual?

It would help if you had your coils cleaned at least once a year to ensure that your system is running efficiently and ready to handle the summer heat. 

 6 HVAC Tips to Save Money on Your Summer Energy Bill 

Keeping Your Unit in Top Shape

When is the last time that your unit had a preventative maintenance session conducted? A PM is a way to check your unit to ensure it’s ready to keep your house cool. You don’t want to wait until the temperatures are 95 degrees in the shade to have an air conditioner failure. 

A certified service technician will run diagnostics on your unit to make sure it’s in top shape. They will look for leaking fluids, worn belts, and other issues that could become a service interruption. Many people leave their HVAC unit to time and chance and don’t even know that you need them serviced. 

Would you let your cargo until it breaks down, or do you have regular oil changes? How would your vehicle run if you only paid attention to the mechanics when it breaks down? The same principles apply to your AC unit. 

You can save yourself a great deal of money by having your unit maintenance conducted 1-2 times each year and ensuring you do the six things listed above. If you want to get the maximum life expectancy out of your unit, you must take care of it.