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6 Reasons to Pay an Illuminologist to Design Your Landscape Lighting

6 Reasons to Pay an Illuminologist to Design Your Landscape Lighting


Thinking about upgrading your landscape lighting? Adding quality outdoor lighting to your home is an excellent decision that not only improves overall enjoyment of your outdoor space, it also boosts your home’s curb appeal and value. But, if you’re considering a do-it-yourself approach, prepare for do-it-yourself results.

Resist the temptation to go the DIY route—online videos and blogs can only get you so far when it comes to outdoor lighting. Here’s why working with an illuminologist will get you the results you want from your landscape lighting upgrade.

1. Access to high-caliber light fixtures and installations

When it comes to selecting the right fixtures and materials for outdoor lighting, the pros have you beat right from the start. You can spend plenty of time heading to your local big-box store gathering fixtures, bulbs, wiring, transformers, electrical components and even some new tools. Not only will you pay more than you would by working with an expert illuminologist, you also won’t get the quality you’re looking for!

Illuminologists can get you great deals on high-quality fixtures since they buy in bulk direct from OEMs. They pass on the savings to you. Keep in mind that buying the cheapest option you can find won’t save you money in the long run. You’ll just spend more money replacing failing parts and the fixtures themselves. Let the professionals be your guide to materials that are competitively priced relative to their quality and durability.

2. Knowledge of advanced lighting concepts

When many homeowners think of landscape lighting, they picture the typical fixture attached to a garden stake. In reality, there’s so much variety when it comes to outdoor lighting fixtures. From spotlights to recessed well lighting, post and pipe perimeter lighting to submersible lights there are several types of fixtures that can be used to create stunning effects. 

Illuminologists know how to use special techniques to highlight your property’s unique features. Uplight waterfalls, statues or tall trees. Downlight a pond or large fountain to create a beautiful glow. Improve accessibility with hardscaped fixtures. There’s so much you can do with lighting, and professionals know how to do it right.

 6 Reasons to Pay an Illuminologist to Design Your Landscape Lighting

3. Vision for a unique lighting strategy

Every great lighting strategy starts with a great plan. When you hire an illuminologist to play up your home’s exterior features and your landscaping, they’ll come up with a comprehensive plan to showcase your property in its best light. 

It’s easy to make mistakes when you devise a plan yourself—doing it DIY can lead to a whole host of problems like voltage drop, inability to make future changes in design and results that simply don’t look the way you envision. Whether you’re looking to highlight the hard work you’ve put into your flowers and shrubbery or want to make a water feature like a fountain or pool truly pop at night, a professional will craft a detailed plan to make it happen.

4. Peace of mind in electrical safety and excellence

You’d be surprised at how complicated landscape lighting installation can be. DIY weekend warriors and part-timers alike can put together some scary (and unsafe) installs. Don’t risk the safety of your property and your family by investing in professional installation. Since illuminologists have access to quality products with proper built-in safety features, and follow proper installation techniques, you can have confidence that your outdoor lighting is inherently safe.

5. Value-add benefits of warranty and maintenance

Outdoor lighting needs to stand up to the elements, as well as potential damage from accidents as you and any visitors enjoy your outdoor spaces. No matter what type of lighting system you choose for your yard, maintenance is essential. From replacing bulbs to repairing broken lenses or ground stakes, doing the maintenance yourself is time consuming and costs you money for materials. Instead, professional illuminologists offer valuable service plans that include regular maintenance. It’s cheaper and less of a hassle than doing it yourself.

6. Professional landscape lighting raises property values

High-quality landscape lighting adds intrinsic value to your property. In fact, real estate agents across the country stress the importance of well-maintained landscaping and a dedicated outdoor space. As a whole, an exceptional landscape design strategy, including professional-grade lighting, can raise property values by up to 20%. Homeowners should look at landscape upgrades, including outdoor lighting, in terms of the multiplier effect—the more expensive and expansive your property, the higher your return on investment you can expect from your upgrades and improvements.  

Ready to tackle your landscape lighting project? Rely on the help of an illuminologist to get you the results you want, to help you see your home in a whole new light.