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6 Tips for Choosing Accents for a Gray Living Room

6 Tips for Choosing Accents for a Gray Living Room

When you make gray the main color in your living room color scheme, you have incredible leeway in choosing your accent pieces. So many, in fact, that it can be very difficult to choose which ones to go with. Here are six tips for choosing accent items just right for you, your room, and your central color.

1. Start with the central piece

It’s best to choose your main color before you think about your accent colors. For instance, you might choose a luxurious gray sectional like the Hallstrung Gray Power Reclining RAF Sectional.  Whatever foundational piece you choose, look at it carefully to notice the exact color, texture, and style.

2. Consider the color wheel

As you probably learned early in life, the color wheel is a tool that artists and interior designers use as they choose color schemes. Consider the position of the colors on the color wheel as you choose the colors of your accent pieces. Colors across from each other contrast very well, while colors next to each other can coordinate nicely. Usually, one or two accent colors are best. Also, remember that gray is such a versatile neutral color that it will go with both warm and cool accent colors.

 6 Tips for Choosing Accents for a Gray Living Room

3. Take note of the texture

Whether a sectional has top-grain leather or fabric upholstery, you’ll want to choose textures that coordinate well with that surface. Leather goes with many different textures, but if you choose a throw pillow with a slick covering, be sure that it matches the quality of the leather. For a fabric-covered sofa or sectional, adding pillows with a nubby texture will increase the visual interest. But avoid too many different textures, as they’ll make your room look too busy.

4. Think of the style you want

Too often, novices don’t think of their main style when they add small accent pieces. You not only want larger pieces like accent chairs to follow that style, but you also need small items like pillows, throws, and vases, to go along with the style, too. A store like 1StopBedrooms offers accent chairs and accessories in a variety of styles.

 6 Tips for Choosing Accents for a Gray Living Room

5. Imagine the effect it will have on you

Every room has some type of effect on the people who spend time in it. A room with light or bright colors can help you feel more cheerful. Blue tends to make you feel calmer. Deep jewel colors lend a warm, cozy feel. How do you want to feel when you’re at home? Consider that as you buy accent pieces to go with your gray living room furniture.

6. Add artwork

Artwork can truly enhance the appearance of your gray living room. If you’ve chosen black as one of your contrasting colors, black-and-white line drawings can give your room a more modern look. A beautiful white sculpture can add light and elegance. When you choose this artwork, remember all the previous tips and follow them.

Choosing accents for a gray living room is fun and exciting. When you’ve made your purchases, spread the items around your room to complete the look. Then, sit down, relax, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.