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7 Best Background Music Playlists for your Office

Colleagues at work in the office with a background music playlist

cottonbro from Pexels

Many companies subscribe to the adage that silence is golden. They tend to believe that the most productive employees work in a noise-free environment. However, there’s growing evidence that playing some background music in the office has profound benefits. Statistics show that 90% of workers perform better when listening to music

Given these figures, business music solutions are no longer a reserve of the retail industry. Employers are now warming up to the idea of having a background music playlist for the office to boost productivity. Additionally, music in the office:

  • Improves accuracy in task execution
  • Promotes healthier living
  • Boosts memory
  • Reduces stress and anxiety while promoting a good mood and happiness at work
  • Increases motivation

Nonetheless, not all types of music will yield these results. This article delves into the seven best background music playlists for the office. Hopefully, it’ll make your work easier in choosing a playlist that suits your office environment.

1. Classical Music

Classical music has a long history sprawling many years back. Yet, it remains popular today and exhibits a strong staying power. Being the fourth-most popular genre, it provides the perfect background music for the office environment. Studies show that classical music is many things at once, including:

  • Mellow
  • Inspiring
  • Familiar
  • Moody
  • Uplifting

According to the “Mozart Effect” theory, listening to classical music even for a short time can enhance abstract reasoning ability. For example, researchers conducted a study involving elementary-school-aged children. They found that children who study music composition education perform better in reading comprehension.

Other studies reveal that classical music increases productivity, boosts mood, and improves the quality of work. Besides, it provides an enhanced environment for studying, working, test-taking, and creative work.

2. Japanese Lo-Fi Hip Hop

Japanese lo-fi hip hop is one of the music genres taking the internet by storm. While it’d be hard to imagine a combination of lo-fi and hip-hop, it now makes for an excellent component of a music playlist.

Lo-fi stands for low-fidelity music. It has become a global sensation in the recent past because of the calming atmosphere it creates. Notably, students worldwide use lo-fi music to help them study, focus and work out. The effects can be replicated in the office environment.

 Colleagues celebrate a work milestone at the office

3. Smooth Jazz

Jazz music is a perfect match for work and study. Nonetheless, it sometimes can go a bit over the top, causing distraction from the task at hand. This is where a smooth jazz remix playlist comes in to help. Benefits of relaxing jazz music include:

  • Enhances focus and concentration
  • Relieves stress
  • Boosts productivity and creativity
  • Lowers blood pressure and creates relaxation

4. Meditation Music

You probably have installed calming apps on your phone to help with stress relief.  A background music playlist for the office that includes meditation music can have the same effect. Apps like Spotify and BGM channels have relaxing music playlists that feature calming songs and instrumentals. Their effect is a serene feeling that creates the perfect ambience for work.

5. Instrumental Songs

A study at Middle Tennessee State University sought to establish instrumental music’s effect on the mind. It revealed that students who listened to instrumental music performed better than those who listened to lyrical music. Granted, instrumental music like piano music is devoid of words and doesn’t interfere with the thought process.

For some people, listening to lyrical music is almost similar to having someone talking behind them while they work. Interestingly, instrumental music from any genre, apart from barbershop or Capella, soothes and inspires the mind.

6. Ambient or Nature Sounds

Ambient or nature-related sounds come in handy when people aren’t in the mood for music but need a concentration boost. Moreover, the sounds help to distress and somewhat connect with nature mentally. If the office is far from green space, a background music playlist for the office can include nature sounds. Consider waterfalls, sounds of birds chirping, a crashing surf, or a crackling campfire.

7. Feel-Good Music

Are you buried in deadlines and can’t find a way to unearth yourself from a mountain of work? Work-related pressure in a typical work day can get the best of you in such a situation. Luckily for you, some feel-good work music can be the remedy you need. Scientifically speaking, good music stimulates the same part of the brain as physical pleasures and delicious food. Being in good mood boosts productivity.

Once you decide on your favorite background music playlist for the office, you can upload it as part of your digital signage content. While music in digital signage can be disruptive and annoying, being strategic about using it will yield the desired results. For example, ensure you carefully choose the sound effects for signage. Also, don’t forget to play by the rules for using audio in digital signage.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re working from home or work in an office space, focusing can be tricky at times. Fortunately, well-selected music for the office goes into enhancing your workspace to make it productive and enjoyable. Whichever genre of music you choose, ensure it aids you in completing tasks quicker at the end of the day.