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7 Home Décor Tips For Dog-Friendly Households

7 Home Décor Tips For Dog-Friendly Households

Dogs are extremely popular pets, especially with families. But can you own a dog and still keep a beautiful, stylish home too?

Read our seven top home décor tips that will help to keep your house beautiful even with a canine companion around.

1. Choose Non-Stick Upholstery

One of the reasons that hypoallergenic dogs like Goldendoodles are such a popular breed is that they shed very little hair. That’s great news for allergy sufferers and also for you if you hate vacuuming!

However, even a low-shedding breed can leave a layer of unsightly fur all over your furniture. So, pick furniture upholstered in fabrics that dog hair won’t easily stick to, such as leather, synthetic fibers, and damask, but steer clear of fluff-magnet material like velvet and velour. Check out this post for more ways on how to remove pet hair from your furniture.

2. Pick Scratch-Proof Furniture

Sisal, wicker, rattan, and hardwood all look stylish, but they can also prove hard to resist for a teething puppy. Instead, choose chrome, plastic, or metal furniture that’s more likely to be chew-proof.

Scrabbling claws can easily scratch glass and wooden tabletops if Fido decides to jump onto your coffee table to get a view out of the lounge window. So, be sure to place those items of furniture safely out of reach of temptation.

3. Choose Plants Carefully

There’s no disputing that living houseplants are a great asset to any home décor scheme. However, some dogs, especially puppies, love to nibble on plant leaves and might even dig out your potting compost all over the floor.

Keep your houseplants in a safe spot that’s well out of reach of curious canines, and make sure that the plant species you choose are not toxic to pets, just in case of accidents. 

Of course, if you own a plant-eating pup, you might want to opt for artificial plants rather than the real thing. Silk plants are beautiful, zero maintenance, and they’re pet-safe, too.

4. Choose Dog-Friendly Wall Coverings

The last thing you need is for your wet, muddy dog to shake himself all over your expensive silk wall coverings after a trip to the dog park on a damp winter’s day. Also, many pricey textured wallpapers grab dog hair like Velcro, leaving your home looking and smelling like the doghouse.

Instead of using wallpaper, try opting for satin or semi-gloss finish paint instead. Dog fur won’t stick to paint, and you can always wipe the walls down with a damp cloth if necessary to remove splashes or greasy marks.

 7 Home Décor Tips For Dog-Friendly Households

5. Use Non-Scratch Flooring

Carpets can quickly be ruined by dirty paws and puppy potty training mishaps, and you will be forever vacuuming to pick up shed hair. And although wooden flooring seems like a good alternative, claws can quickly ruin softwood.

If you really want wooden flooring, go for hardwood such as mahogany or oak, which is more resilient and hard-wearing. Better still, choose laminate, stone, or ceramic tiles for flooring in areas of your home that your dog has access to. These materials are easier to clean, are more damage-proof, and will help to keep your dog cool in hot weather.

6. Coordinate Dog Beds

Your dog will be less likely to sleep on your furniture if you provide him with a comfortable bed. 

These days, there are some absolutely beautiful, high-quality dog beds that are designed to coordinate perfectly with every style of domestic home décor. So, you’re sure to find something that blends perfectly with your home.

Always go for a bed that has a removable, machine-washable cover, and wash that regularly to keep doggy aromas away and keep the bed looking fresh.

7. Pick Dog-Safe Window Treatments

Many dogs that are left home alone while their owners go out simply love to keep a lookout at the window, watching hopefully for their human family to return.

When choosing window treatments, have your dog in mind. Avoid picking heavy fabric drapes that will trap grease and dog hair. And don’t use hanging cords, as these can present a very real danger of strangulation should your dog become entangled.

Use short, fabric tie-backs to fasten drapes back during the day, and use wipe-clean, cord-free shades. If you insist on having drapes in some of your rooms, go for lightweight fabrics that you can easily take down and machine-wash, and avoid fancy swags and intricate ruffle designs that could be an accident waiting to happen.

Final Thoughts

Just because you have a furry canine friend in your household doesn’t mean you have to live in a doghouse! 

Use the ideas and tips in this article and in our other blog posts to choose dog-friendly décor that will create a safe, practical, stylish home for every member of your family, including the four-legged ones.